Downloads illustrationThe system allows you to add documents such as leaflets, posters or reports to your site. These can be in different formats such as PDF, .doc (for word processing programs such as Microsoft Word) or spreadsheets (such as Microsoft Excel).

Your visitors can download these documents to their computers.


How to add downloadable documents to your site

There are two main ways of making downloadable documents available on your site:

  • Use the Our Files application. This application creates an area on your site where you can provide documents for download. It's a good method to use if you have a lot of documents and you want to make them available in one place. The application offers several time-saving features including automatically listing the details of each file and notifying visitors of updates. Find out more by reading an overview of the our files application
  • Add the documents to your assets library and then link to them. This way isn't as automated as using the our files application but it does give you more flexibility. It's an easier method if you want to link to the files from pages on your site (rather than make them available in a specific downloads area). Find out more by reading an overview of the assets library. If you have already added links to other pages or sites, you'll find the instructions for linking to items in the assets library very similar.


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