As well as posting new messages, you can also reply to messages in the discussion forum. 

To post a reply (or message) to a discussion you'll need to be logged in. You may also need to be a member of the website.


To reply to a message

  • Go to the discussion forum.
  • Find the message that you want to reply to.
  • Click the reply button beneath the message (you will only be able to see the button if you are logged in). A new page will appear for you to type your reply.
  • The subject line will already be filled in for you. You can change it if you want to (although it is normal to leave it as it is).
  • Type your reply into the body area.
  • If you want to see how your reply will appear on the forum you can click the Preview button. This will display your reply. You can then either click the post button (to post the reply to the discussion) or the edit again button if you want to make changes.
  • If you don't want to preview your reply, just click the post button.

Once you have posted your message, it will normally appear immediately on the discussion. Depending on how the discussion has been set up it will either appear at the bottom of the discussion or immediately beneath the message you replied to.

Some discussions require every new reply to be approved before it can appear on the site. If your reply doesn't appear, it may be waiting for approval. Remember, a lot of websites are run by volunteers and they may not always be available to approve new replies. You may need to allow a little time for your reply to appear in this case.

If you have questions about why your reply hasn't appeared on a discussion, you should contact the administrator of the website.