You should add discussions to your forum to divide it up into broad general topics. Only administrators can add discussions. 

You can add as many separate discussions to your forum as you want. It is usually best to limit the number - if you have too many, it will be difficult for your forum users to find the discussions that they are interested in. See the guidelines on organising your forum for more details.

Make sure that you give each discussion a clear name so that visitors know what it is about. 


To add a new discussion to your forum

  • Login to your website
  • Go to your discussion forum
  • Click the add discussion button 

The edit discussion page will appear and you can now set up the discussion.

  • Give the discussion a name - this should reflect what the discussion is about. 
  • Type a brief description of the purpose of the discussion. This will display in the list of discussions and will help people understand what the discussion should be used for. If there are any special limitations for the discussion (for example if only certain people can use it or if messages have to be approved before being added) it's helpful to also mention this in the description.
  • Select whether it should be a flat or threaded discussion. A flat discussion displays any new messages at the end of it whereas a threaded discussion displays replies next to the message they refer to. 
  • Choose an appropriate posting policy. As well as using permissions to control who can read and contribute to the discussions, you can also control how messages are published by setting the posting policy to open, moderated or closed.

Open: any message is immediately added to the discussion.
Moderated: all messages have to be approved before they are published. If you use this, you may want to add a note to the discussion's description so that visitors know that their messages won't appear immediately.
Closed: only administrators can post to the discussion. You might use this if you have a discussion that is just for announcements or if you want to end a discussion but leave it available in the forum for reading.

  • Decide whether users can start new threads (topics for discussion) or can only reply to existing ones.
  • Click the OK button

Your new discussion is now added to the forum and available on your site.