Discussions illustrationAdding a discussion forum to your website is a great way of getting your members and visitors to interact with you.

A discussion forum allows them to add messages to the site and reply to other people's messages. You could use this to find out their opinions: what do they think of your group, what do they like and dislike, how should your group develop in the future? Or you could use the forum to allow people to share ideas and information about subjects that are of interest to your group. Or you could use it to create an area for members to support each other.

Although the discussion forum is a little trickier to set up and takes more time to run than some of the other SurreyCommunity.info applications, you'll find it a very powerful addition to your site.

You'll find information below to help you set up and run your own forum. Start by reading about the things you need to consider before you add a discussion forum then the guidelines for moderators. You can then use the checklist as a guide to set up your forum. 


Setting up a discussion forum

Running the discussion forum (instructions for site administrators and moderators)


Using a discussion forum (instructions for site visitors)