The system offers a number of built-in themes. You can customise these or replace them entirely with a theme of your own. However, this is not suitable for everyone - you do need to have some knowledge of using css (cascading style sheets). 


How do the built-in themes work?

The built-in themes are simply css files (cascading style sheets). The css files define the appearance of the elements on your pages - the font used, the size of the headings, the colour of links and so on.

The advantage of using css is that it puts all of the information about your site's appearance in one place - each page simply refers to the css file for the details of how it should display.

This makes it easy to apply styles consistently across pages and also make changes - any change to the css file will be reflected on all the pages that use that css file.


How can I modify the css used by the built-in themes?

The SurreyCommunity system offers you two ways to modify the built-in themes: 

  • You can add supplementary css to an existing theme. This supplementary css is loaded after the built-in theme's css and so can be used to either add new styles to the theme or to override existing styles with your own.  Using a supplementary css with either the Modern or Bootstrap themes is our recommended method for customising the appearance of sites. More about using a supplementary css file.
  • You can completely replace the system css with your own.  It is possible to remove all of the css provided by the SurreyCommunity system and use just your own. Completely replacing the css is not a trivial task and requires you to have a good working knowledge of both css and html. More about using your own css files instead of the system's css


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