When you applied for your SurreyCommunity.info website you were able to choose the last part of your website's address. This would be something like:


If you need to change this address for any reason - for example, if the name of your group changes - then contact us at enquiries@surreycommunity.info with details of the change. For security, you must be an administrator of your site and write to us from the email address that you used to register on SurreyCommunity.info.

Before you ask us to change your address, you should be aware that when it changes, anyone trying to use your old address won't be able to visit your site. Some links leading to your site will also break and will need to be updated to point to the new address. For this reason, you may want to put notices on your site warning people of the change and when it is going to happen before you change the address (we suggest warning people for at least a month before making the change).

You may want to look into registering and using your own domain name for your site instead.


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