You can control which pages and built-in applications (such as the photo album) appear in your site's navigation menu and also the order that they appear.

Note that there are some limitations to what can be displayed in your navigation menu: 

  • Most themes (including Modern and Bootstrap) can display up to two levels of items in their menu; any top-level items (those directly underneath your home page) and any second-level item (those directly under top-level items). Items that are further down in your site's structure cannot be added to your menu unless you use a redirect. Some older themes can display up to three levels of items in the menu, but we no longer recommend using these.
  • A second-level item can only display in the menu if the top-level item above it in your site's structure is also displayed (so, if you have page B underneath page A, page B will not display in the menu unless page A does as well). Second-level items will be displayed in a sub-menu when you click on the relevant top-level item in the menu.
  • There isn't a limit to the number of items that you include, but if you have chosen to use a horizontal menu, we recommend that you try to limit the number of items so that they are displayed withina single row (if you have lots of items to include, a vertical menu may be more suitable for you)

To show or hide items in the menu

For pages, folders and news stories:

  1. Go to your site admin page
  2. Go to the Content Management tab
  3. Click on the page that you want to add or remove from your menu in the Site Map list on the left of the page. The right side of the screen will update to show that page's details.
  4. Click the edit tab
  5. Scroll down until you see the heading Include in navigation menu?
  6. Tick Yes or No as appropriate.
  7. Click the save and publish button to apply the change to your site.

For built-in applications:

See the help page for showing or hiding applications in the navigation menu.

To change the order of the navigation menu

  • Go to your site admin page
  • Go to the Content Management tab
  • Click on the relevant page in the Site Map list on the left of the page (for most sites this will be the home page). The right side of the screen will update to show that page's details.

    The system controls the navigation menu for each section of your site separately. So, if you want to adjust the main navigation menu, you should click on the home page in the site map. If you have divided your site into separate sections or folders, you will need to click on them to change the navigation menu for those parts of your site.

  • Click the Index tab 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the re-order items button (this is quite small so don't miss it!)
  • A list of the items in your site's navigation menu will appear. Click on the item you want to move and then use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to adjust its position.
  • When you have finished, click the Save changes button.
  • The changes will be applied immediately to your site.