You can change the name displayed for your group if you need to. This can be useful if you accidentally mistyped it when you originally applied for your site or if your group changes its name for any reason.

There are three main changes you might need to do:

 Currently there are a number of places where the name of your group cannot be updated. If you change the name, the old name of your group will continue to show in:

  • the top of the content tab in your site admin pages
  • the permissions and sharing tab of your site admin pages
  • the list of groups that you belong to in the Your account pages


To change your group's name in the A-Z and at the top of your pages

  • Go to your site admin page
  • Click on the Website settings tab and then website details. 
  • Click the edit button at the bottom. A new page will appear, allowing you to update the details we hold for your group.
  • Scroll down the page to the section headed Your organisation details
  • Type the new name into the name of organisation box
  • Click the OK button at the bottom of the page

Your group's name will be updated immediately and will appear in the A-Z and on your website.

IMPORTANT: If you change any of the details on the website details tab (including your group's name), you'll not be able to save your changes unless all of the admin contact details are filled out.


To change the name in your site's address

Changing the name of your group doesn't affect the address of your website. If this needs to change as well, you should follow the instructions for changing the address of your site.

Note that you don't have to change this if you don't want to. If you do change it, keep in mind that any links leading to your site from other sites will need to be updated to use your new address (so if there are likely to be a lot of these, you might want to keep the address as it is). 


To change the name in the text of your pages

You may also need to change the name if it appears in the text of your pages. Unfortunately, there is no automatic way to change this across all of your pages - you'll need to individually edit pages and change the name where it occurs on them.

The editor does have a find and replace function which will allow you to replace all of the instances of the old name on the page you are currently editing. The buttons for find and replace are on the left of the bottom row of editor buttons:

Find and replace buttons


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