The A-Z lists groups and organisations in Surrey. Anyone building a site on automatically has an entry in the A-Z.

A short description of your group appears in the A-Z next to your group's name. The description helps people (and search engines) to find your site so it's worth making sure it describes your group well. It can be up to 60 words long (note: if you joined a long time ago, your description may be longer than this; if you change it, you will have to reduce it to 60 words or less).

Your group's contact details and a map can be shown on your pages if you use the contact details includelet. The postcode for your group will also be used by the A-Z to work out your distance from other locations in Surrey (this allows people to search for groups near where they live).

You can update your group's details at any time. 

To change your group's description or contact details

  • Go to your site admin page
  • Click on the website settings tab and then website details. 
  • Click the edit button at the bottom. The screen will update to allow you to update the details we hold for your group.
  • Edit the details that you want to change.
  • Click the OK button at the bottom of the page to save the new details.

Your group's details will be updated immediately.

HINT: Keep the description of your group concise and to the point. Try and include words that you think people would use to search for your site.

IMPORTANT: If you edit any of the details on this tab, you'll not be able to save your changes unless all of the admin contact details are filled in.


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