One of the hardest jobs for anyone running a website is making sure that all links work. If a page that you have linked to is moved or deleted the link will break and display an error message if anyone clicks on it.

Broken links can be very frustrating for visitors to your site so it is a good idea to regularly check for them. The system makes this easier for you by automatically checking your website and producing a list of any broken links. You can use this list to repair the links.


To see if any links are broken

  • Go to your site admin page.
  • Click the reports tab.
  • Click broken links.

The screen will update to list any broken links that have been detected on your site.


To repair broken links

For each broken link:

  • Note the address in the link column. This is the link that you need to fix.
  • Click on the title of the page in the title column. This will take you to the page.
  • Click the quick-edit button to edit the page
  • In the editor, find the broken link and click on it.
  • Click the insert/edit link button to update the link or the unlink button to remove the link


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