If you want to add items such as pictures, documents, music or video to your pages, you first need to store these items with your site.

The normal way of doing this is to add the items to your assets library. You can do this in two ways:

  • You can add items directly to the library so that they are available for use later
  • You can add items, as you need them, whilst editing your pages.

Once stored in the library, the items can be used by any of the pages on your site.  When editing a page, you can click the insert/edit image button to add pictures from the library or the insert/edit link button to link to any of the other types of files.


Viewing the assets library

The assets library can be found by clicking on the Content Management tab and then Assets Library. It is split into six categories:

  • Images: for pictures and photos
  • Audio: for sound and music
  • Documents: for files such as PDFs, word processing documents or spreadsheets
  • Custom Themes: for css files that can be used to modify the appearance of your site
  • Video: short video clips
  • Other: This can be any type of file, but is often used for Flash files or Javascript

These categories and their contents are listed on the left of the library. You can also click on the category folders to see a more detailed listing of the items in that category. If you have a lot of items in your library, you can add folders to the categories to organise them.

Asset library folders


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