What are news stories?

News stories are very similar to normal web pages (so similar that your visitors probably won't notice the difference). 

You can work with news stories just like pages.  For example, you can edit, move or delete them in exactly the same way as you would for a page (for simplicity, most instructions in the help normally refer just to pages but are applicable to news stories and folders as well).

Why use news stories?

If you add your group's news to your site as news stories rather than normal pages, you can do some interesting things:

  • you can add an automatically updating list of your most recent news stories to your home page (or any other page on your site)
  • you can create automatically updating lists of all of your news stories - great if you want to provide an index to your news (particularly if your news stories are spread across different parts of your site)
  • you can create automatically generated lists of news stories from a specific period in time. This is a good way of providing an archive of stories (news from 2008, news from 2009 etc.)

These lists are created by adding something called an includelet to your page. You can find out more about using includelets on our layouts and includelet help pages.


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