The built-in applications are an easy way to add exciting features such as discussion forums and blogs to your website.

There are 16 applications available. These are listed below, together with a brief description of what they do. Click on the application names for more detailed information about each one.

Available applications

  • Classified Ads: Allow people to post and reply to small ads
  • Discussion forum: Create online discussions. Allow people to post and reply to them
  • Events Calendar: Display a calendar of your events on-screen. Allow members to add events to it
  • FAQs: Build lists of frequently asked questions (and answers to them!)
  • Feeds: Compile lists of news feeds from other sites
  • Form Builder: Design interactive forms to put on your website
  • Job Listings: Display details of vacancies and allow people to apply online
  • Noticeboard: Post small articles and allow others to add comments
  • Our Files: An easy way to make files such as pdfs, word documents etc available to your members or visitors
  • Petitions: Create petitions and collect signatures online
  • Photo Album: Display galleries of photos. Allow people to contribute their photos
  • Polls: Create polls and allow visitors or members to vote on them
  • Private Area: Build an area of your website that can only be used by your members
  • Surveys:Conduct online surveys with your website members and visitors
  • Useful Links: Compile and display lists of useful links to other sites
  • Weblog: Add a blog to your website


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