Anchor links allow visitors to go directly to a specific point on your page. You can link to a point on the same page or on a different page.

They are often used to create a list of contents at the top of a long page. The items in the list can be clicked to jump to the corresponding section on the page.

You'll also see anchor links used to create 'back to top' links that take you to the top of the page.

How to add anchor links to your page

Anchor links consist of two parts, the source (the text that you click on) and the target (where the link takes you to).

You can set these up in any order, but we recommend setting up your target first (as this then makes setting up the source easier). 

Adding the anchor link target

  • Open your page for editing.
  • Click on the page so that your cursor is where you want the target to be. We recommend using headings as targets - if the heading repeats the text that you use for the source, it'll reassure your users that they are looking at the right thing when they follow the link . (Tip: place the target on the line above the line that you want to take people to - this will prevent the target appearing right against the very top of the screen when visitors arrive at it.)
  • Click the insert/edit anchor button.
    Location of the anchor button 
  • The insert/edit anchor box will appear on screen. Enter a name for your anchor link (this should consist of only numbers and letters, and you must use different names for each anchor link on your page) and click the insert button.
    The insert/edit anchor link box 
  • The anchor link target will now be added to your page and represented by the icon: anchor link icon


Adding the anchor link source

  • Select the text that you want to use for your link by dragging your mouse across it.
  • Click the insert/edit link button.
    The insertedit image
  • Choose the target that you want to use from the anchors drop-down menu (the menu will list all of the targets that you have added to the page).
  • Click the insert button.


Linking to anchor links on another page

You can also link from one page to anchor links on another page (for example if you wanted to link to a specific section of another page).

Use this with care - it can be confusing to follow a link and find yourself in the middle of a page. Consider making your anchor target a heading or subheading - this will help reassure people that the anchor link has led them to the right place.

  • Set up the anchor target as normal.
  • Select the text that you want to use for your anchor source by dragging your mouse across it.
  • Click the insert/edit link button.
    The insertedit image
  • Select the page that you are linking to (in just the same way as for a normal link)
  • When the page's address is showing in the Link URL box, add # and the name of the anchor target to the end of the address.

    So for example, if the address is: page

    and the anchor name is myanchor, then you should add #myanchor to the end of the address like so: page#myanchor

    For pages on your own site, the address will look slightly different but you change it in just the same way:


    would become: