Administrators run the websites on 

If you apply for a site on and are approved, you automatically become the administrator for your site. 

As an administrator you are able to:

  • Change settings for your website
  • Add, edit or delete content on your site.
  • Change the details that are shown in the A-Z for your group
  • Add or remove members from your site
  • Control what people can see and do on your site

As an administrator, you can also invite other people to become administrators of your site to help you run it. Anyone that you add as an administrator has exactly the same powers as you to make changes (including removing you!) so it is important that you only allow people that you know and trust to be administrators.

As the main administrator you will probably want to be the person that we contact if we need to speak to someone about your site. There is an area on the organisation details tab where you can fill in your admin contact details - we will use these if we need to contact you about your site.

If you want to be an administrator for an existing site, you should contact the person running it (their details will often be on the site). If you don't know who that is, you can contact us with your details and we will pass them on for you.


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