You can add two types of list to a page, bullet lists (also called unordered lists) or numerical lists (also called ordered lists).


This is an example of a bulleted (unordered) list.

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Cherries

Bulleted lists are a great way to summarise information (details listed as bullet points are often easier to read than the same points written as a paragraph). They're also a good way of drawing your visitors eye to key information.


This is an example of a numbered (ordered) list:

  1. Apples
  2. Bananas
  3. Cherries

Numbered lists are useful for things that are in an order of priority (for example, the top ten web page tips are...) things that are in sequence (such as a list of instructions to be followed) and long lists (numbering makes them easier to follow).


To add a list:

  • Open your page for editing.
  • Type your list on the page. Make sure each item is on a separate line.
  • Select all of the items by dragging your mouse across them.
  • Click either the ordered list or unordered list buttons.
    Unordered list button Ordered list button

You can change a list item (or an entire list) back into normal text by selecting it and clicking the list button again.

You can also change an ordered list into an unordered one (or vice versa) by selecting it and then clicking the appropriate list button.