You can use Flash on your site. This is a way of adding animation or interactivity to the pages. Note though that users with  iPads and iPhones cannot view Flash content (so think carefully if you are using Flash for essential content). 


Example of an embedded Flash file:

How to add a Flash file

Adding a Flash file to your page is a two step process:

  • Add the Flash file to your assets library
  • Edit your page to add the Flash file to it.


Adding the Flash file to your assets library

  1. Go to your site admin page.
  2. Click the content management tab and then assets library.
  3. Click the add data file link.
  4. Enter a name for your file in the menu title box (this name is so you can find the file later and is used for part of the file's URL).
  5. Click the choose file button and select the Flash file from your computer.
  6. Click the save and publish button.

The Flash file is now stored in your assets library.


Editing your page to add the Flash file.

  1. Open the page for editing.
  2. Click on your page at the point where you want to add the Flash file.
  3. Click the insert/edit media button. The insert/edit media box will appear.

    The insert/edit media button 
  4. Select Flash from the type drop-down menu.
  5. Click the browse button immediately to the right of the File/URL box and select the file from your assets library.

    insert/edit media box 

  6. Add the height and width (in pixels) to the dimensions boxes. The file should now appear in the preview box. (note: if constrain proportions is selected, you can enter just one dimensions and the system will calculate the other for you). 
  7. Click the Insert button. The file will be added to your page.



If your Flash file is hosted elsewhere, you can embed it without adding it to your asset library. You'll need to know the address (url) of the file and add that to the box in step 5 above instead of clicking the browse button and selecting your file. (Note you shouldn't insert Flash files from other sites on your pages without permission from those sites).

You can enable further options for your Flash file by clicking on the advanced tab of the insert/edit media box.

If you are comfortable working in html, you can click on the source tab to edit this directly.