You can add your group's logo to personalise your website and help identify it to visitors.

The logo will appear at the top left of each page on your website (if you haven't added a logo of your own, you may see the standard logo of a person with a megaphone depending on the theme that your site uses). Clicking on the logo takes you to your home page.

The logo will also appear next to your group's entry in our A-Z of hosted sites.

Preparing a logo

Your logo must be saved either as jpg or gif.

The size of the logo will vary depending on the theme that you use.

If you use the Bootstrap or Modern themes, then the logo size will adjust to fit your layout - we recommend uploading a logo that is no bigger than 300 pixels on its longest edge.

If your site uses the Dark Tones or Playtime themes, your logo should measure 150 pixels wide by 80 pixels high.  For other themes, the measurements should be 138 pixels wide by 85 pixels high. If your logo is a different size to these, the system will attempt to resize it to fit the available space. However, this may result in your logo being cropped.

You'll need to save your logo on your computer before you can add it to your site. 

Adding a logo to your site

  • Go to your site admin page.
  • Click on the look and feel tab and then your logo.
  • Click the choose file button and select your logo from your computer.
  • Click the OK button. The logo will now appear on your web pages and the A-Z.

Removing a logo

  • Click on the look and feel tab and then your logo.
  • Click the delete button in the current logo section

Changing the logo

If you have already added a logo to your site, follow the instructions for removing the logo then the instructions for adding a logo.