If you no longer want to use SurreyCommunity.info, you can close your account. 

When you close your account:

  • The personal information that you supplied for your account (name, email address, password and screen name) will be deleted from this system immediately, and from all backups of the system within 7 days.
  • If you are a member or an administrator of any sites on SurreyCommunity, you will be removed from those sites and will only be able to access them as an ordinary member of the public. If you are the only administrator of a site, please let us know (enquiries@surreycommunity.info) before you close your account, so that your site can be closed down or reassigned to a new administrator.
  • Any content, including web pages, photos, files or forum posts, that you have contributed to sites on SurreyCommunity will not be deleted. If will remain visible on the site and will be reattributed to ‘deleted user’. If you wish to delete any content that you have contributed to sites, you must do so before you close your account.

To close your account

  • Login if you haven't already done so.
  • Click on the Your account link (normally at the top of the screen).
  • Click the Close my account link.
  • Read the instructions and click the Yes box to confirm that you want to delete the account
  • Click the OK button

Note: Once you close your account, you cannot reacticate it. You can register again on SurreyCommunity, but you will not automatically have the same access as your old account - you will need to rejoin any groups that you were previously a member of, and you will not necessarily be able to access content that you have previously contributed.