If you no longer want to use SurreyCommunity.info, you can close your account. 

This means that you will be removed as a member from any community websites that you have joined and the system will no longer send you email notifications. However, your contributions to any community websites that you have joined will be preserved, as they're part of the community's history (so for example, if you have posted comments to a blog, your comments will still be there after you close your account).

If you have used SurreyCommunity.info to run a website or to list your group, please make sure that someone else takes these over before you leave - or if there is no one to take them over, please let us know at: enquiries@surreycommunity.info so we can remove them.


To close your account

  • Login if you haven't already done so.
  • Click on the Your account link (normally at the top of the screen).
  • Click the Close my account link.


Reopening your account

If you want to reopen your account at any time, you can do this by simply by logging in again.

If you unsubscribed from any groups that you want to be a member of, you'll need to join them again. You may also want to change your email privacy settings.