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Heritage Open Day Walks - Autumn 2017                                                     

by Ann Cook

 THIS YEARS Heritage Open Day Walks centred on the Conservation Area in East Horsley. The Friday and Saturday walks that followed the same route were both oversubscribed. We started at Horsley Towers – a fascinating house built by William Currie in 1820. Currie commissioned Sir Charles Barry to build this new house. William Currie did much for the village; he built and repaired farmhouses and cottages and supported two charity schools. Lord Lovelace later bought the estate and decided to put his own mark on it. On our visit we saw The Great Hall from the vantage point of the gallery and continued into the cloisters and the chapel both added by Lord Lovelace. We are extremely grateful to Michael Micallef and de Vere Horsley Estate for hosting our visit. Natasha Thompson from De Vere assisted our tour and provided very useful information.