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Tuesday 25th October 2016

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Horsley Countryside Preservation Society 2015/1016

Minutes of the HCPS AGM held on 26th April 2016 in West Horsley Village Hall

There were approximately 45 persons present.

The Chairman proposed the adoption of the minutes of last years AGM which were accepted

The Chairman opened the meeting with thanks to all members & supporters and particularly to the Around & About editorial team, the Road Stewards, the walk leaders and the committee members. The Society continued to monitor planning applications and particular attention was given to the GBC Local Plan, the Drift Golf Club application & the plan to develop Wisley Airfield. HCPS supported the activities of Wisley Action Group, making a financial contribution towards the distribution of leaflets informing Horsley residents of the traffic implications for their village. The Society was involved with the response to the application by the Shell garage for a major increase in hours for trading and the sale of alcohol. Several members of the committee are involved in the Neighbourhood Plans.

The house manager for Clandon Park gave a harrowing account of the fire at the Autumn talk.

The Society was involved with Guildford Heritage Open Days, providing 2 guided walks around some of the old houses in West Horsley led by June Davy & Clive Smee; these walks were much enjoyed (and oversubscribed). Peter Hattersley organised improvements to the West Horsley section of the Horsley Diamond Jubilee Trail; these were completed in 2015 with work from the committee and from volunteers. The work improved access for the disabled and linked 2 paths removing the need to cross a busy road.

The Society published a very informative booklet on Wellington Meadow by Harry Eve.

It is hoped to produce further booklets on other special areas in the Horsleys. A donation was given to Grace & Flavour to assist with the purchase of new windows for the potting shed. The Society also supported the sponsored walk held by the Surrey Hills Society. Grateful thanks were given to all members of the HCPS Newsgroup site for their patience & support when the site was hacked via a members email system; it took some while to resolve the problem.

The Treasurer stated that a full set of audited accounts had been passed to members. The accounts continued to follow the principle of cash accounting, which often leads to a number of ‘ups’ and ‘downs’ when compared to previous years.

Overall it has been a good year with a surplus of over £2,000. The subscription income was good at £ 13,367 but around £300 below last year representing a fall in membership of around 30. ‘In year’ magazine advertising receipts were £5,006 plus a further £5,635 relating to the year had been received the previous year, resulting in a very good total of £10,641. A major cost was magazine publication at £12,371 – over £1,000 lower than last year due to a reduction in print run. Project expenditure was £3,584 including £1,300 for the defibrillator, £1,500 for Grace & Flavour windows and £240 to Surrey Hills. At present bank & investment accounts hold around £51,000. So far about 50% of subscriptions for 2015/16 have been received. Many thanks to the road Stewards for all their hard work and to John Waters for auditing the accounts.

The accounts were passed - proposed by Bob Spackman & seconded by John Kettle

The election of officers –Mike Rushby was re-elected as Deputy Chairman & Joan Hattersley re-elected as Membership Secretary– proposed by Alan Bowley & seconded by Jo Simms

The AGM was closed and followed by a talk and film by Terence Patrick entitled ‘Fifty Not Out –the story of Circle Eight Film Group’.





 The Horsley Countryside Preservation Society's objective is the preservation of the rural amenities and characteristics of the Parishes of East and West Horsley. It represents the majority of views held by households in the two villages who are members. It produces a quarterly Magazine titled 'Around and About Horsley' and involves itself in conservation projects in the area.

In recent years organising public appeals to purchase woodlands and setting up and organising the Lovelace Bridges Conservation Project have formed a large part of its activities. The Committee has a Planning Secretary who maintains a watching brief on all planning applications to see that they are in sympathy with their surroundings and raising concerns where they fall short of the requirements as specified in the Borough Local Plan.




Horsley Countryside Preservation Society