September 2017

Society of Recorder Players, Guildford Branch

Registered Charity No. 282751/SC038422


NEWSLETTER, September 2017


 Dear Members


The Late Summer Holiday weekend is now behind us, and thoughts turn to September and fresh starts. Much has been happening since our last meeting, so the following will bring you all up-to-date.


Anne and Alan have now moved to Edinburgh. This has clearly left a big hole in Guildford SRP, after many years of sterling service from both of them as Musical Director and Treasurer respectively. We’ll be seeing Anne again when she returns to conduct us for our Autumn Playing Day in October. There’ll be a collection for the Martins at the September meeting and a presentation to them at the Playing Day – please bring a contribution if you would like to make one, along with any ideas for a suitable gift. Thank you.


The committee have been thinking hard about the forthcoming 2017-18 season, as well as making longer-term plans for the branch. It would have been very difficult to appoint a new Musical Director in the time available, so we’re taking the opportunity to sample various conductors for this season. In due course we may appoint a regular MD, or we may decide we enjoy the variety of conductors on offer and continue with that arrangement, as some other branches do.


So, who have we got lined up for you so far? Well, we kick off on 16th September with the ever-popular Marguerite Dolmetsch. We’ll be welcoming Kati Boosey in November, and Andrew Melville will lead us in December with some festive musical fare. In 2018 we’ve got David Burgess, Jackey Birch, David Moses, Harriet Oliver, and Julie Dean. And for our Playing Day next May we’ve got the wonderful Tom Beets from the Flanders Recorder Quartet – currently on its farewell tour. Chiddingfold Village Hall worked so well for the May Playing Day last season that we’ve booked it again for next year.


Keep an eye on this webpage for details of our meetings – all at the Guide Hut unless otherwise stated – including more conductor bookings as they come in. We have Janet Wheeler, Pauline Terry, and Dick Pyper to thank for their work arranging these conductors.


There have been changes on the committee over the summer too. As well as the Martins’ departure, Pauline Terry has resigned as Minutes Secretary and we thank her again for her work. As Secretary I will take meeting minutes for the time being.


Peter Anning, already a valued committee member, has been co-opted to act as Treasurer until the AGM when he’ll be standing for formal election to the post. Penny Clarke and Maria Lemonidou have also been co-opted onto the committee and will also be standing for election at the AGM. Welcome to them, and thanks for the contributions they’ve already made.


On the financial side of things, you don’t need to be an accountant to realise that all these visiting conductors will make some inroads into our reserves, so we hope it will come as no surprise that, after some years at the same level, subscriptions will have to rise this year. Guildford SRP membership still offers exceptional value for money, working out at just £2 an hour for some really enjoyable music-making and expert guidance. (Please remember that a large part of each subscription has to be paid straight to the National SRP.)


Membership subscriptions are due at the September meeting. We do hope you will renew your membership for the coming year and also encourage new members to join. I attach the membership renewal and Gift Aid forms. The new subscription rates are shown on the form. It would be really helpful if as many of you as are able to, could please print and complete these forms and bring them to the September meeting along with your payment. Some printed forms will also be available at the meeting. If you are not renewing your membership this year, please let me know by e-mail ( If you are not renewing because you cannot attend many meetings, why not consider becoming a Country & Overseas member? You will then still get the magazine and membership list, and you receive a discount on attendance at Guildford branch meetings. Contact Sandra Foxall, the Country & Overseas Branch Secretary, for details:


It seems that contributions to our refreshments kitty are not currently covering the cost, so from now on, someone will be there to relieve you of £1 before your refreshments are served!


So that as many committee members as possible can be present, this year’s AGM will be a little later than usual: at the meeting on Saturday 18th November. More details in due course.


We want to know what you think about these changes, and especially if you have ideas for other improvements. You’ll be receiving a questionnaire giving you a chance to make suggestions about any aspect of Guildford SRP, but please feel free to talk with me or any other committee member at any meeting, or get in touch by e-mail.


Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we hope to see you in September.


Best wishes from your Committee:


Dick Pyper, Chair

Peter Anning, Acting Treasurer

Ann James, Secretary

Penny Clarke (co-opted), Andrew Duncan, Maria Lemonidou (co-opted).