Spring and Summer 2016

January 16th                           Anne Martin

                          Seiber     Three Hungarian Folksongs arr. Gordon SSAT Janus Music JM203

                          Morley     Nolo Mortem Peccatoris & Agnus Dei SATB ms

                      Guerrero     Ave Virgo AAATB ms

                           Fauré     Pavanne SSAATB Hawthorns RA38




February 20th                         Katrina Boosey



March 19th                        Anne Martin

                   Challinger     Tumblers SSS/A from Gold Ensemble Pieces ABRSM

                  Wedgwood     Juggling SSS/A ibid.

                        Hassler     Dances from ‘Der Lustgarten’ SSAA/TTB Oriel 182

                          Vivaldi     Three movements from Gloria SSAATTBB (opt GB) ms



April 16th                                  Helen Hooker



May 21st                                     Guildford Playing Day with Philip Thorby at Cranmore School



June 18th                          Anne Martin        

      Schein arr. Mayes     Suite ‘Your chance to Schein’ SSA/T Recorder magazine

                          Milford     Suite in D SATB Peacock PRM 008

                       Jacques     A Bag of Sweets SATB ms

        Müller-Hartmann     Suite SAT Schott