Max Barley

 “The choir sang superbly throughout, with excellent enunciation, the immaculate tuning that we have come to expect from the Guildford Chamber Choir, and ..... the superb tone which gives this choir its reputation. Full marks, then, to a brilliant conductor, a superb choir, and an excellent instrumental ensemble.”

(17th November 2018, see full concert review here)


Guildford Chamber Choir was founded in 1980 with the express aim of performing choral music of the finest quality from the 16th century to the present day. Over the years the choir has remained loyal to this aim, gaining an enviable reputation both for the high standard of its singing and for performing varied and often unusual repertoire. As well as being at the forefront of Guildford music-making, the Guildford Chamber Choir’s reputation has stretched beyond the town and county boundaries. More about the choir....

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