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Social Work Placement at Guildford Action- Case Study

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I have recently completed a three month work placement at Guildford Action as part of my masters degree in social work at Kingston University. My role was a support worker helping the homeless and local families in the community who were facing a variety of challenges including issues with housing, debt, substance misuse, domestic abuse and mental health issues.

My experience of working with Guildford Action was very positive and I was particularly impressed with the professional, non-judgemental support they offered all of their clients. The organisation and staff follow a code of best practice which has been borne from research and theory and one that encourages empowerment and social inclusion of its clients.  During my placement, I witnessed how successful this way of working was, especially in building confidence, self-esteem and ultimately in helping clients to get back on their feet during a period in their lives when perhaps they had lost all hope.

The service Guildford Action offers is invaluable and all of the staff should be commended on their commitment and hard work in delivering such amazing support in the community.

Camilla Gibbs, September 2013

Kingston University have accredited Guildford Action as a placement provider for Masters Degree Students in Social Work. Partnering with the University we hope to maintain our standing of providing focussed support to those we support, which meets the best practice guidelines we work and aspire too.