'Monthly Makes a Mountain' Appeal

Monthly Donation Appeal



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You can make an important difference to people's lives!

The Charity relies on public and private funding to continue its work and is launching the ‘Monthly makes a Mountain’ Appeal to help increase regular donations towards its work. A little makes a lot!!


The campaign is designed to make people aware of the benefits of giving to a charity on a regular basis, and not just for Christmas.

Some of the Benefits/ Aims are:

  • Sustainable planning of charitable activities
  • Emergencies- people unfortunately can't plan when something 'bad' is going to happen, so we must always be proactive as well as preventative
  • Sustainability of homeless support and family support all year round, the target is to raise £30,000 per annum from voluntary donations over the next few years.
  • We want to build a relationship with you over months and years, not just one off
  • Your help goes directly who are most vulnerable and in need within our communities
  • To help over 500 individuals a year with issues around homelessness, who are the most vulnerable and in need within our community.
  • To help over 350 families going through chaotic and crisis issues, through appropriate family support.

John, a visitor to the Day Service, ‘The Charity has given me options to where to go from here also the centre is somewhere warm to get something to eat’


Amelia, a mum of three, ‘we all struggle with looking after the kids, times are hard, I don’t have contact with my mum and the GAF team has made a huge difference in our lives.’


Joanne Tester, Chief Executive of Guildford Action  ‘The charities services are a much needed resource in tough times, through austerity, rising energy bills and wage freezes, lack of housing and so much more. Many of the issues that project visitors face can happen to anyone of us. Many of us are only a pay slip away from being homeless and don’t even realise. Families are under huge pressures due to welfare reform and the need to work longer hours to make ends meet. Quality family time is being lost and the impact of this is detrimental to children. Rising pressures, increased stress and living to survive is becoming the unfortunate norm.’



To set up a monthly or regular  donation, all you need is your debit card and click the image to the right. Thank you in advance!!

Monthly Donation Appeal



We would like to stay in touch with you, email Charlie, charliemccafferty@guildfordaction.org.uk to be added to charity news updates or any queries, or just say ‘Hello’.


If you would also like to write to us with a donation, then the address is Guildford Action, Woodlands Place, Woodlands Road, Slyfield Green, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1RN.