Who the Day Service Supports

Who the Day Service Supports


The Day Service supports those going through homelessness and those on low incomes, many of which fall into the following categories



Those suffering homelessness have no place to go and for whatever reason are unable to access support services easily. The Day Service offers a warm environment where they can get basics such as food, clothing and showers whilst also seeing Drs and District Nurses, who regularly visit during the week. Alongside this practical support the Service offers advocacy and advice to make a real difference in people lives.


The 'Hidden' Homeless

The Hidden homeless are an increasing number within our community and they include those sleeping on friends and families' sofas, sleeping in tents, have no recourse to public funds, sleeping in temporary structures and other situations which aren't covered by Statutory homelessness.


Entrenched Rough Sleepers

Many of those on the streets find it hard to engage with others just as much as they find it difficult to access services. The Service builds trust and over time enables people who visit to build self esteem and confidence. Helping them to face some of the issues they are facing not only stabilises their environment but also helps them reintegrate with the community they have become isolated from. Our support isn't time related and we will walk hand in hand with people as they work through their very complex and crisis of issues.


Low Income and those suffering through issues surrounding poverty

We live in what is perceived as an affluent area in Surrey, but there are areas within our community which from the government's own figures are in the 25% most deprived in the country. That makes issues facing those in poverty even more crisis in an area where the service needs of the disadvantaged aren't widely available.