Main website http://www.friendsoffarnhampark.co.uk/

We are a group of people who appreciate the simple pleasures of Farnham Park and who want everybody to be able to continue to enjoy them into the future.


We liaise closely with, and support the Waverley Countryside Management Team in preserving the character of this wonderful local amenity.


The Park has won the GREEN FLAG award for Parks for the last two years, the award being set up in 1996 to recognise & reward green spaces in England & Wales that meet laid down high standards and include amongst others:-

  • Clean & well maintained
  • Healthy, safe and secure
  • Conservation & Heritage
  • Community Investment


Our activities include:-

  • Publishing Spring and Autumn Newsletters
  • Conservation activities
  • Social events including informative talks usually at the ROWHILL CENTRE
  • Guided walks


If you would like to find out more, please visit our main website at http://www.friendsoffarnhampark.co.uk/.  

Also, please join our Facebook page, Friends of Farnham Park. We would love you to share your pictures, thoughts and memories about the Park!

For further information about our events and activities, please call our Membership Secretary, Neil Taylor, on 01252-723905


Email- n.taylor3905@btinternet.com


Or, if you would like to join us now, please fill in this form Membership_form_2015_ZZ.pdf  and return it, together with your subscription, to:


FoFP Membership Secretary


Neil Taylor,


14 Blenheim Crescent,


Farnham  GU9 0DG




Subscription rates are:        £6.00 per household, £4.00 Senior Citizens / Students



Contact Information

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13 High Park Road


01252 821977