Visits Winter-Spring 2019

Bookings for these visits are taken from MEMBERS ONLY in the first instance. If you wish to join a visit and are not a member, please contact


THURSDAY  17th Januarv  2019                  Gainsborough Family Album                        NATIONAL PORTRAIT  GALLERY
Gainsborough Family Album shows over 50 works from public and private collection across the world and will provide a unique  insight  into the private life and motivation  of Thomas Gainsborough (1727 - 88), one of Britain's  greatest artist. lt will show a number of works that have never been on public display in the UK and will bring together all12 surviving porlraits of his daughters. The exhibition charls his career from youth to maturity.

LEAVE ARTINGTON                                         8.40 am 

LEAVE LIBRARY                                               8.50 am and onto C Hall, B Farm and Spectrum approx. 09.10



Cost of coach, tip & entrance      £27.00   

Art Fund member                          £20.50

N P Gallery member                      £14.00



MONDAY 25'" FEBRUARY 2019                       Russia:  Royalty & the Romanovs                                 QUEENS GALLERY

Russia:  Royalty & the Romanovs. Through war, alliance and dynastic  marriage  the relationship between Britain & Russia and their royal families are explored from Peter the Great's  visit to London in 1698 through to Nicholas ll. Portraits, sculptures  & miniatures  masterpieces by Faberge  illustrate  historic  events  & family meetings. The ticket includes  "SHADOW  OF WAR".
The first exhibition  to focus exclusively on Roger Fenton's pioneering  photography of the Crimean  War taken in 1855. Fenton focused on creating moving  portrait of the troops, as well as capturing  the stark empty  battlefields

LEAVE ARTINGTON                      8.45 am 

LEAVE LIBRARY                           8.55 am and onto C Hall, B Farm and Spectrum by approx. 09.10

LEAVE Queens Gallery                3.15pm


Cost of coach, tip coffe & entrance      £23.00



FRIDAY  29TH MARCH  2019                                   VAN GOGH AND BRITAIN                                             TATE BRITAIN

This blockbuster  exhibition brings together over 40 works by Van Gogh to show how he was inspired by Britain & how he inspired British artists. lt presents the largest collection of Van Gogh's paintings in the UK for nearly a decade- some of his most famous works will be brought together from around the world - Shoes, Starry Night on the Rhone, At Eternity's Gate and others. He was inspired by the art he saw here including  paintings  by Constable  and Millais, which are featured in the exhibition.

LEAVE ARTINGTON                         8.45 am 

LEAVE LIBRARY                               8.55 am and onto C Hall, B Farm and Spectrum by approx. 09.10

LEAVE TATE                                      3.30pm (approx.)


Cost of coach, tip & entrance       £33.00

Art Fund Member                           £24.00

Tate Members                                 £14.00


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