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Euphonic 2008 took place on 7th September, 12-7pm and was hosted at the Runnymede Youth Festival and celebrated the very best of Live and Direct bands, singers, MCs, DJs and musicians.



Check back here soon to find out what's happening in 2009!


Following on from last year's success, the festival is continuing in response to the large number of requests received from young people across Surrey for more live gigs to perform at and attend. The noon till dusk festival will feature a line-up of over 20 youth bands from around the county, the majority of which are from the popular Live and Direct project which runs throughout Surrey.
This exciting new partnership between Euphonic and the Runnymede Youth Festival aims to showcase the successes of young people throughout the county, give young people an opportunity to participate in new and exciting sports and arts activities and inform young people of opportunities open to them in Surrey.  
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Check out the myspace page for Euphonic at www.myspace.com/euphonic_surrey

Euphonic was brought to you by Surrey Youth Development Service, Rhythmix, Live and Direct and various Borough and District Councils around Surrey.