Novenber Press release from WBC

Council proposes new timeline for Local Plan Part 2

(Editor's Note:  This will allow Elstead Parish Council  Neighbourhood Plan Committee to continue discussions with Waverley about their recommended release of Green Belt land for housing development in Elstead.)

Following deferment of the publication of Waverley Borough Council’s Local Plan Part 2 last month, the council has announced a new timeline, which would see publication of the Pre-Submission (draft) version for consultation in summer 2019.

The deferment allows time for extra engagement with stakeholders, including a series of workshops with parish and town councillors in those areas where Local Plan Part 2 is proposing housing sites, involving the relevant ward members in each area. The events are due to be held in the coming months.  The workshops are designed to allow those who attend to gain an enhanced understanding of the site promotion and selection process; and to be able to feed in to the process of selecting sites for Local Plan Part 2.

In addition, the council will continue to discuss the proposed housing sites with key stakeholders to gain further feedback on issues such as transport impacts, water supply and sewerage, and health provision within those settlements.

Timings are indicative at this stage but it is hoped that following a successful conclusion to these discussions, the council will be in a position to publish Local Plan Part 2 for its Pre-Submission Consultation next summer.  This will be a public consultation held for at least six weeks.  All statutory consultees will be notified along with those individuals and businesses registered on the council’s planning consultation database. 

Waverley Borough Council Portfolio Holder for Policy and Customer Services, Councillor Christopher Storey, said: “It is vital that our plans represent our residents’, businesses’ and communities’ aspirations for the future of the borough – and that is why we’ve added extra time for further targeted engagement with our stakeholders.”

13:57, 27 Nov 2018 by Michael Organe

This note from St James’ Church comes also on behalf of Peter Hartley’s family, principally his son David Hartley, living in Australia, and his daughter Emma Parkin. Peter’s funeral service will take place at 10.30am on Tuesday 13th November at St James’ Church, Thursley Road, Elstead, GU8 6LQ, then cremation [family and close friends] at Guildford Crematorium at noon .

Following the church service there will be a gathering at The Barn at Richard Grey’s house, just off Elstead Village Green, opposite the Golden Fleece public house, GU8 6DB, to which all are invited.

There is private parking at Richard’s house. David and Emma are most grateful for Richard and Hilary’s generosity in placing the Barn at their disposal.

If you would like to attend the wake, please e-mail me, Peter Waddell, at with numbers, to assist with catering.

13:33, 06 Nov 2018 by Michael Organe
Framptons Planning Exhibition of their latest proposals for housing development on Bonfire Hill is CLOSED NOW but you can see the display boards on the Framptons website (below) and you can also comment online.

Board No 4 gives key information on pricing and affordability and the far too short exclusive application period of one month for Elstead people: 

I visited the exhibition. The presenters seem to be convinced that they have the pricing right with a 2 bed semi at £300k and a 1 bed maisonette at £195k. These are based on a 25% discount on local valuations, which could change during the period before they are built. The discounts will be permanently tied to the homes by legal covenants to prevent them from being sold later at full market prices. Framptons expect that deposits can be kept to 16% of the sale price. They have an earnings cap to prevent people with high earnings from applying for the houses.

On one of the display boards they have given a timetable for applications - 1 month on offer for people with direct connections with the village, then 2 months on offer to Waverley's list, then offered to a wider area. THIS IS NOT LONG ENOUGH!!! It only allows just enough time for publicity, nothing like enough for serious consideration and preparation for a bid. It should be at least 6 months for local people. 

Their next step is to start preparation of a planning application and have discussions with Waverley.


ELS Developments LLP is preparing an outline planning application entirely for affordable homes. 31 new homes are proposed along with a new area of community garden which responds to the Neighbourhood Plan's aspiration to achieve the ‘Bonfire Hill Local Community Garden’. 



11:04, 30 Oct 2018 by Michael Organe