Regrettably the Elstead News Website will cease to operate from March 31st 2020. The service provided by Surrey Community is being withdrawn. The free website and development software has been funded since 2006 by local authorities but they feel that keeping the service up to modern standards would require too much investment.
Since 2009 the Elstead News site has supported several local campaigns related to housing, speeding on the roads and the use of the local Commons as well as the development of the Neighbourhood Plan.
These included:
  • The legal battle to persuade the MOD to keep the DZ car park on Hankley Common open and to provide more permissive bridleways for cyclists and horse riders;
  • The fight to prevent the fencing of the Commons for free range cattle grazing;
  • Two separate Speedwatch campaigns
  • Opposition to the proposed development of Bonfire Hill.
Information on those campaigns is still available.
The Neighbourhood Plan website will also close, but by March it may be redundant, as the development of the Plan should be completed by then (after nearly six years from its original conception).
There is quite a lot of historical information about Elstead on the site, including back copies of the Elstead Village News and Minutes of Parish Council meetings from around 2003. If anybody is interested in copying any of it for their own use please contact me or just help yourselves.
The Parish Council and St James's Church are both developing new websites and it may be that they will take over the role carried out by the Elstead News site.
This website replaced an earlier site run by Keith Williamson. I have had a lot of fun re-developing and maintaining it since I took it over following Keith's death in 2009 and I hope that it has been of interest to at least some local people.
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 Elstead News Facebook page [LINK]

This Facebook Group has been set up for publication and discussion of matters of general interest and concern that may affect residents and businesses in the Elstead area.

This includes information on national affairs such as government bulletins about preparations for Brexit.

Some of these will definitely affect Elstead residents and businesses, with or without a deal with the EU.

Of immediate personal interest is travel in the EU in 2019, which could need careful planning even if there is a deal. Other key subjects will be suggested from time to time.

This page is intended to complement the Elstead Village Facebook Page and can be used to discuss matters of more general interest than are welcome on that page.

RULES This is a moderated group page and there are some rules. The Administrators will delete posts that:
* cause excessively heated arguments
* contain contentious or malicious comments
* contain bad or offensive language;
* are potentially defamatory or libellous;
* contain Spam
* are deliberately disruptive statements intended to derail the original thread
* attack individuals or groups in a threatening or personally insulting way
* contain any discriminatory comments
* contain sexually explicit material
* disclose personal information about another person
* offer to sell or provide services or products


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