Two sets of proposals have been presented to Elstead Parish Council by Framptons Planning Consultants for housing on Bonfire Hill. The first in 2013 was for homes in two groups around the lower slopes, the second took the development almost to the top of the Hill. Framptons have also been lobbying Waverley Borough Council to remove Bonfire Hill from the Green Belt to allow development. A new proposal was presented to the Parish Council on Monday July 18th 2016 at the Elstead URC Hall.

Bonfire Hill Site Layout #02

This survey was run in 2013 by Elstead Online Magazine and the results are available here:  BONFIRE HILL 2013 OPINION SURVEY RESULTS [LINK]

 ABOUT BONFIRE HILL  (Report dated August 2013)

In the centre of Elstead there are three fields on Bonfire Hill, between West Hill and Hill Crest, with beautiful views over the Surrey Hills that surround Elstead.

SU9043 : West Hill, Elstead by Peter Facey    SU9043 : Housing in West Hill, Elstead by Peter Facey SU9043 : Hillcrest seen from footpath along top of hill, Elstead by Peter Facey    

Bonfire Hill Views    Peter Facey (c)

The fields were sold to ELS Developments LLP, 58-60 Berners Street, London, United Kingdom, W1T 3JS., a Limited Liability Partnership founded on June 12th 2013.  The partners are two small companies:-  SUMMIX LTD involved in the development of building projects & ROBERT LECKIE ESTATES LTDFrom their viewpoint this is a relatively low cost greenfield site in a high value location with well established local facilities and social infrastructure. 

Bonfire Hill Map

Bonfire Hill is outside the Village settlement boundary, on Green Belt land in the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is not a site that would normally be considered for development unless it was declared an exception site for some overriding reason, such as a local requirement identified by a housing needs survey.

The Hill dominates the centre of Elstead and is a popular spot for walking and picking blackberries. When there is snow on the ground there is a steep slope that is perfect for safe sledging, within easy reach of the village. There are three footpaths onto the hill from the village and one of them leads on through fields to Ockley Common.

A satellite map of Elstead is on the ELSTEAD NEWS website [HERE] 

There is a need for more houses in Waverley to meet government targets and some of these will probably be built in Elstead but is this the best site for them? It does have advantages in that it has easy walking access to the school, shops, the churches, sports and playgrounds, social entertainment and the buses. Vehicle access is also possible at two points, Hill Crest and West Hill. Development would be unpopular with residents living nearby but is this a good enough reason to oppose it?