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Elstead Open Map

Elstead and Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan 

Elstead Parish Council and Peper Harow Parish are developing a Neighbourhood Plan to define the future of Elstead and the Weyburn and Tanshire part of Peper Harow Parish. Weyburn is included in the Plan Boundary because development there will have a major impact on services and facilities in Elstead.


We currently have problems with local people being priced out of the housing market, loss of retail outlets and their replacement by private housing, current housing stock being moved up-market by extensions and conversions, loss of employment opportunities in the village, an increasing commuter population and pressure from developers for excessive and inappropriate development. We aim to restore a healthy balance for the future of the village.

The new Waverley Local Plan

We could leave it to Waverley Borough Council and developers to make all the decisions on Elstead's future or we can decide to have some say in what happens to us and our village. The Waverley Local Plan will define a framework within which the Elstead & Weyburn Neighbourhood Plan will operate. Elstead Parish Council and Peper Harow Parish will have more  money from any new housing development to use for the benefit of everybody in Elstead and Weyburn.

Who are we?

A Steering Group has been set up  to co-ordinate the activities of five Working Groups collecting evidence for the Neighbourhood Plan. They will consult with local people, businesses and landowners at every stage of the project, through public meetings and other means.

What is Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Bill was enacted in April 2012 and included the right for communities to draw up a neighbourhood development plan.

It enables communities to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for their area and is intended to give communities more of a say in the development of their local area, within limits set by the Waverley Local Plan and other legislation.

These plans will be used to decide the future of the places where you live and work giving the chance to influence a number of possible factors, for instance they could include:-

~ choose where new homes, shops and other development should be built;

~ influence the design;

~ provide for local needs;

~ identify, protect and enhance important local environmental features and physical assets;

~ promote quality building standards and energy-efficient construction and materials;

~ develop community facilities;

~ promote biodiversity and renewable energy projects;

~ address transport and access issues.