How To Help

There are lots of ways that you can help

  • Help us to run  a stall - there will always be some of our established members there as well
  • Help us to make handicrafts that we can sell - we hold regular workshops so that you will learn a skill and help us as well
  • Are you free some weekends to help to put up our gazebo and take it down later in the day?
  • Can you help us with can collections outside of supermarkets?
  • Help us to plan and organise a fund raising event
  • We are looking for bunting tape and gingham material - old school uniform will do and also thick card - we can collect them
  • We need lots of ribbon pieces 7cm and longer - please contact if you can help
  • We also need white metal coat hangers – like you get from the dry cleaners - please contact if you can help
  • If you would like to make a donation please contact and we can let you know how to do this

If you can help at all please call Pauline on 020 8979 7556