Why not come along to our events?  We'd love nothing more than for you to come over to our stall and say 'hello'.


Upcoming events...

Our events for this year have now come to an end but do keep an eye out for us in 2015.


Recent events...


Claygate Flower and Village Show

On the scorching afternoon of Saturday 19th July we held a Fairtrade stall at the Claygate Flower & Village Show.  


The event was very well attended with many locals taking part in our Fairtrade themed activities.  We had a tombola for adults, with every ticket winning a prize, and a lucky dip for children.  All prizes had the FAIRTRADE Mark and were bought from or donated by local retailers.



 Melissa and Chris with samples and prizes on display.


Thank you to the many locals who visited our stall, participated in the activities and took home our Fairtrade samples of tea, coffee and sugar.  Also, many thanks to those who picked up flyers about our campaign to achieve Fairtrade Borough status and leaflets on ways to support the Fairtrade Foundation campaigns as well as signed a petition to help stop the current banana price wars. 


The theme for this year’s 101st Claygate Flower & Village Show event was ‘The Commonwealth’, which inspired stallholders and visitors alike to creatively support countries across Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Americas, Europe and the Pacific.  We would like to thank the event organisers for supporting us. 


Burhill Summer Fair

On Sunday 22nd June we held a Fairtrade stall as part of the Burhill Primary School summer fair.  This year's theme was 'All the fun of the Circus', which involved delightful drama classes, fantastic face painting and creative circus performances.



Blue skies, a wonderful day...


Upon the glorious green Mead we were visited by much of the local community, particularly students, parents and teachers.  Thank you to all of those who came over to say 'hello' and take part in our tombola.  We hope you enoyed the selection of prizes and samples provided!


We would especially like to thank Jennie Bullett from the PTA who welcomed us to the event and also provided this opportunity to take part.     



Melissa and Yvonne modelling for Fairtrade!


The Dittons Fair

On a very windy yet fun filled afternoon we held a stall at Giggs Hill Green (Thames Ditton) on Sunday 11th May 2014.  Even before the event officially opened we were visited by many people!   


Giggs Hill event

 Melissa and Leonard offering samples and prizes to locals.


Thank you to all who visited our stall, contributed to the tombola and supported the campign to 'Make bananas fair'


We hope you enjoyed our samples packs of tea, coffee and sugar.  If you would like to find out more about our 'Fairtrade at Work' packs and converting your colleagues to Fairtrade alternatives then feel free to contact us: fairtradeelmbridge@gmail.com


Weybridge Centre for the Community

On a glorious sunny day, we hosted a Fairtrade themed tea and coffee morning at Weybridge Centre on Wednesday 5th March as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. 


Locals and staff at the community centre came over to the stall to have a chat with us and to also take part in the tombola (with every ticket winning a prize!).  We also served tea, coffee and biscuits bearing the Fairtrade Mark.  It was encouraging to hear from several people that they always buy Fairtrade tea and coffee as well as bananas and chocolate!


Weybridge Community Centre_FT14 in 2014

Gillian and Judi chatting with locals about Fairtrade.


We would like to thank the centre manager, Helen Emin, who warmly welcomed us and provided an opportunity to host our event.  We would also like to thank all of the visitors and staff who made us feel very welcome and supported our cause.


Further details about the event are attached: EFN_tea_&_coffee_morning_Weybridge_rev1.pdf


For this year's Fairtrade Fortnight The Fairtrade Foundation focused on making bananas fair by demanding that the government intervenes to end unfair supermarket pricing.  As part of the petition they asked Vince Cable to investigate the serious impact of unsustainable supermarket pricing and act to protect farmers and workers growing bananas.  Please take a few minutes to read more about this and also to sign the petition for a fairer deal.  



Stalls in 2013 


As always, it's enjoyable to meet locals and see just how much support exists for Fairtrade in Elmbridge.  Thank you to everyone who has supported our stall over the years.  


Cobham Heritage Day

Enduring the rain and cold air, in the name of Fairtrade, we set up our stall at Cobham Heritage Day with a fun afternoon of tombola activities!


We also bid a very fond farewell to our longstanding volunteer, Judi Thompson, who has effortlessly worked to promote and support Fairtrade across Elmbridge and Surrey over the years.  We wish Judi all the best with her new adventures!        


Long Ditton Village Fair

On the a glorious afternoon of Sunday 14th July 2013 we held a stall at Long Ditton Village Fair, with locals taking part in our tombola and taking home samples of tea and coffee and leaflets in support of Fairtrade.  


Judy and Judi setting up the stall.


Molesey Carnival

On Saturday 1st June 2013 we joined in with the  Molesey Carnival fun by holding a stall with a fabulous range of Fairtrade tombola prizes, tea and coffee samples and leaflets.  


Esher May Fair

On Saturday 18th May 2013 we held a stall at Esher May Fair with a tombola, tea and coffee samples and a variety of leaflets on offer.  

Gillian manning our tombola stall of locally available products.


The fair atmopshere was great and the stall was busy with locals winning a Faitrade prize with every tombola ticket purchased, items ranging from wine, roses and olive oil to spices, beauty products and fruit!


Friends of Weybridge Centre May Fair

We held a sample tasting and information stall at the Friends of Weybridge Centre May Fair on Saturday 11th May 2013.  We had some homemade muesli muffins on offer made with the following FT Marked ingredients: 

Apricots (Tropical Wholefoods, some Oxfam and health food shops); Muesli (Traidcraft Fruit & Nut GeoMuesli, some Oxfam shops); Orange/Apple Juice – FruitHit, Martin’s or the Co-op or Co-op’s own brand (check it is FAIRTRADE Marked as not all their juices are); Honey (Traidcraft Guatemalan Honey, some Oxfam shops or the Co-op’s Chilean Clear Honey); and, Orange – FAIRTRADE Marked available in Tesco & Sainsbury’s.


Weybridge Centre

 Judi Thompson offering Dan Moore some muffins!


We also had a display of Traidcraft items as well as:

/ Harry's Nuts Crunchy Peanut Butter (kindly provided by Liberation Nuts) on Traidcraft Rice Cakes

/ Divine Dark Chocolate Ginger & Orange, Divine Dark Chocolate with Raspberries, Divine Milk Chocolate With Toffee & Sea Salt (the most popular option)

/ Chocolate Geobars, Orange Geobars, Traidcraft Stem Ginger Gookies and Traidcraft Double Chocolate Cookies.


Food for Thought, Woking

As part of the Surrey Fairtrade Steering Group, we attended the 'Food for Thought' debate on world hunger on Saturday 9th March 2013 at Christ Church (Woking).  The debate explored interesting perspectives on sustainable food production and fair distribution by the representatives of NGOs, producers and scientists: Food_for_Thought_panellists-_08.02.13.pdf


A quiz night in Weybridge

On 24th November 2012 we promoted all things FAIRTRADE with a quiz night with Friends of the Weybridge Centre.  For £7.00 a ticket locals enjoyed answering Fairtrade and local history themed questions, a meal made from locally sourced, organic and Fairtrade food and Fairtrade wine, beer & soft drinks: Fairtrade_Quiz_Flyer_24Nov2012.pdf 


The prize for the winning table was a Fairtrade Hamper.

 The winners


Stalls in 2012


Walton Heritage Day

On 8th September 2012 we promoted all things FAIRTRADE with a stall at Walton-on-Thames Heritage Day.  The day was glorious and we had a beautiful view of the river.  There were lots of enthusiastic and happy Tombola prize winners who took home samples and locally purchased goods.  



Carol and Judi busy arranging the tombola prizes... 


Molesey Carnival

On 2nd June 2012 we had a busy time at The Molesey Carnival. There were lots of winners and we had to raid our prize reserves to ensure that everyone could be a winner!


The Dittons Fair 

On 13th May 2012 we were at The Dittons Fair with our popular "Every One's a Winner with Fairtrade" game. We also enjoyed giving away FAIRTRADE Marked Tea Samples donated by Cafédirect and FAIRTRADE Marked soap samples from The Visionary Soap Company.


Weybridge Centre for the Community 

We attended The Friends of Weybridge Centre Fair on 12th May 2012. There were tastings of FAIRTRADE Marked Ubuntu Cola - which was rated very positively. The Cola is available in Waitrose shops and if you can't find it then please ask the shop to stock it! We also gave away FAIRTRADE Marked soap samples, contributed by The Visionary Soap Company.


Esher College

We were invited by Esher College to promote Fairtrade to the local community on 20th March.  As part of their 'Green Week' event we were able to promote and support awareness in sustainability issues through Fairtrade. 


We spoke to many students, parents, teachers and other staff who visited the stall and they showed huge support for our campaign.  We were very pleased to learn that many were already on board with the Fairtrade movement. 



Judi and Leonard sampling the information stall.



Claygate Tennis Club  

http://step.fairtrade.org.uk/A Quiz Night for Fairtrade Fortnight

In order to celebrate and promote Fairtrade Fortnight we organised a Fairtrade themed quiz night at Claygate Tennis Club on 10th March 2012.  The evening's entertainment was accompanied by a light supper and drinks that included a variety of Fairtrade goods which can be purchased across Elmbridge.
As part of the 'Take a Step' (a campaign promoted by the Fairtrade Foundation) we took a
step towards achieving Fairtrade Borough status for Elmbridge.
Visit http://step.fairtrade.org.uk/ to take your step today!