JST 2010

Hi I am David have been a full time `wheelie` for the past five years now, I am fortunate that my life is fairly active; this is due to determination, hard work, inspiration from others and positive thinking. My vision is a self help network for disabled dudes and dudettes to exchange ideas and innovations to improve lifestyle and self esteem. This is a pan-disability site wheelers, walkers, stumblers, special needs - I believe we are best equipped to find solutions to our mobility needs; after all we live with our situation 24/7. Please join me as there are a lot of `stay at home` guys and gals out there who just need some confidence and encouragement to break free from their `comfort zone` to get out and enjoy. The right choice of equipment is crucial, my Quickie Neon wheelchair is the biz as I am able to fold it up and pass it over my lap to the passengers seat when driving. [ Thanks `Clever Trevor` for your inspirational example ]. The uribag for continence freedom, Handybar for help getting in and out of cars,Useful Links top left provides short cuts to all of these and more.


Hey, I am an ordinary guy, not a super fit athlete, due to Progressive Multiple Sclerosis my legs have packed up completely, upper body strength is not 100%, dexterity is poor [ typing this with one curled up finger ] but my mind is active and expectations high.Please note I am not a Health Professional and therefore remain void of responsibility if injury results from any of my ideas. Therefore seek medical advice if unsure. 


If any of my ideas inspire you or maybe you have some helpful advise/tricks to share come on down, lets help each other, chat and more !  

Feel free to leave feedback [ the link is on bottom left of each page ] good, bad, constructive, keep it clean though - if you know me say hi - 

Good Luck `use it or loose it`

David  ;- )

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