Roughditch Folk

Following on from our hugely enjoyable sixites night in November, we will be having another showcase evening in November, when Roughdiitch folk will be playing the second half.

In the first half, we will be taking the centenary of the Armistice of the ‘war to end all wars’ as our inspiration. Maybe you have some protest songs left over from our sixties night, maybe there are older - or newer- songs which are relevant.


Roughditch Folk are Barbara and Pete, who hail from the Surrey/Hampshire borders (Roughditch was the victorian name for Rowledge) and they perform new arrangements of traditional songs and tunes together with their own folk originals. Between them they play guitar, mandolin, ukulele, whistle, harmonica and percussion. Their album “Pearls and Wishes” was released in 2015 and a new one is in the making. Check out their facebook page

It starts at 8pm and admission is free. See you there!