Despite a 600 paragraph officer's report in favour of the application, due to a great turnout of support and highly motivated speeches, the application was refused by Surrey County Council by 6 votes to 4 with 1 abstention. A fantastic effort by all concerned. The BBC carried the story at the above link.

August 2012: The public inquiry is now over. Thank you to everyone who supported the campaign, we could not have done this without you.

September 2012: APPEAL DISMISSED. Many congratulations to all involved.

November 2012: The appeal decision has been challenged in the high court.

January 2013: LHAG applied to become a co-defendant, submitted a witness statement and was accepted on February 18th.

March 2013: The hearing dates have been set for July 23rd and 24th, 2013 in the Royal Courts of Justice, London.

July 2013: The High Court judge has overturned the planning inspector’s decision to reject Europa’s appeal against Surrey County Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for an exploratory hydrocarbon drilling operation at Bury Hill Wood.  LHAG has been granted leave to appeal this decision.

September 2013: LHAG has submitted an appeal to the Court of Appeal against the High Court decision in July to quash the planning inspector's decision last year to dismiss the appeal by Europa against Surrey County Council's refusal to grant planning permission to explore for oil at Bury Hill Wood. The hearing date will be April 30th or May 1st 2014.

August 2014: The appeal by LHAG against the high court decision was refused and it is now likely that the application will go back to another public inquiry. The final decision is with PINS and the Secretary of State.

February 2015: The 2nd public inquiry has been set to begin on Wednesday 22nd April in Dorking Halls. Please come along and support this very important cause.

August 2015: The planning inspector found against us. The fight is not over, please go to the LHAG web-site for more information.

September 2015: Not surprisingly, the 2nd 'pan-handle' application was approved by the SCC Planning and Regulatory Committee despite objections from LHAG, Capel Parish Council and Sutton and East Surrey Water. The next public consultation will be for the highly-contraversial Traffic Management Scheme, advise for how to object will be published at the appropriate time.

November 2015: In a meeting organised by LHAG, the Environment Agency gave a very interesting presentation and answered a series of questions posed by local residents concerned about the possible contamination of water supplies by the proposed drilling. The EA still have to grant a permit for the exploration to commence and promised that the highest level of scrutiny will be imposed on the applicant because of the sensitivity of the chosen site and underground drilling corridor.

Autumn 2016Following a period of inactivity the applicant has now started responding to all of the conditions imposed by the planning inspector at the last public inquiry. LHAG is monitoring each response very closely and with help from Hazel Watson of SCC is corresponding with SCC planning officers to highlight and oppose any proposals which contravene the conditions of the original planning applications.

October 2016: The applicant has now submitted a 3rd planning application which proposes to increase the size of the site by over 25% plus adding high security fencing and extra buildings. LHAG is fighting this proposal as it contradicts many items which have previously been discussed such as transport, lighting, ecology and visual impact. Capel Parish Council has supported our objections, MVDC are still to be persuaded.

June 2017. The long awaited and highly contraversial traffic management scheme (TMS) has now been published by SCC and everyone must read it and write in with their objections.

August 2017. Thanks to great representations the TMS was rejected by the SCC Planning and Regulatory meeting and will be heard again at a future meeting.

October 2017. Thanks to a huge effort by LHAG committee members, the Traffic Management Scheme was again rejected by the SCC Planning and Regulatory committee despite being recommended by SCC officers. Next steps are not clear yet.

March 2018Europa are holding a series of public meetings to explain the traffic management scheme and to receive feedback. A new version will then be produced.

September 2018. ITS OVER !! Europa have withdrawn all planning applications and have stated in the press that they will not continue to take an interest in the Bury Hill Wood site.

Please go to the LHAG website for more information.

21:04, 04 Sep 2018 by Stuart McLachlan

Under the BT Race to Infinity programme, BT issued a press release on 2nd Feb 2011 announcing the top 10 Race to Infinity exchanges as winners! Capel was 8th with a fantastic 77% vote.This will benefit everyone with a phone number in the range 01306 71xxxx.

Many thanks to the Capel Race to Infinity (RTI) campaign committee, particularly Helen Harrison and Simon Lea, as well as those who donated funds like Capel Parish Council and Gate-a-mation and all those who gave up their valuable time to knock on doors over Christmas 2010.

93% of properties in the exchange area will get BT Infinity - with most getting up to100Mbps "fibre to the property" service. The majority of the 7% who don't quite get Infinity (15Mbps to 40Mbps) will see a significant uplift (2Mbps to 14Mbps).

February 2014. A very informative meeting with senior execs of both BT and Openreach at which they committed to completing the broadband roll-out by the end of June 2014. There are two areas of FTTP broadband, PON's 2 and 8, which are to be completed and the new street cabinet (CAB9) for FTTC has to be commissioned in Coldharbour. For full details please contact the Capel RTI team.

August 2014.

Various small issues still need to be resolved, particularly in Coldharbour, but the majority of the parish is now able to place orders for superfast broadband. The power to the new street cabinets in Coldharbour Lane is due to be laid in early September after which the cabinets can be connected up and commissioned. Individual local issues will be dealt with after that roll-out.

February 2015

All the new hardware is now in place in the cabinet in Coldharbour Lane and the migration of customers from the old to the new cabinet is expected to start before the end of February.

January 2016

It has now been confirmed by BT OpenReach that the live switchover to the new cab 9 in Coldharbour will take place before the end of  May 2016.

September 2016.

Openreach made the following statement regarding the commissioning of the new Cab 9 in Coldharbour. "We can confirm that we are starting the process of confirming the copper terminations on the newly installed cab 9 in Capel.This will allow us to move forward to the next part of the process of changing over the circuits from the existing cab 5".

June 2017

Cab 9 in Coldharbour has finally been commissioned and fantastic download speeds of 73 mbps are being recorded. Each resident can now apply for their choice of Super Broadband product.

18:18, 20 Jun 2017 by Stuart McLachlan


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