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Claygate Village Neighbourhood Watch                                                                                                 

Neighbourhood Watch is one of the largest voluntary organisations in the country (to find out more, click Building Safer Communities on the left).

Neighbourhood Watch is about bringing people closer together, maintaining a strong community spirit and helping to counter the threats of crime and anti-social behaviour in the local neighbourhood. It is also about trying to reduce residents' anxieties about these threats, strengthening links with the Police and developing closer relationships with the local authorities. Overall it is a positive and constructive force in the local environment and helps to improve the quality of life for everyone in the community.

Claygate has about 6,500 residents in some 2,600 households. There are around 100 streets in the village and we have nearly 130 supporters, covering the whole village. There is a Claygate Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator who maintains close links with both the Parish Council and our local Esher Police Officers.

If you are interested to participate in Claygate Neighbourhood Watch, please send us an e-mail with your contact details (click Contacts on the left).

For local news and announcements check Claygate Village Website

Working in partnership with Claygate Parish Council (CPC),

Elmbridge Borough Council and Surrey Police.

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