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Beast in the East

Hi Phil,

Sorry didn't put my name on the last post for Beast in the East, it was from Russell Harmsworth

Beast in the East 10k

Hi Phil,

On Saturday 22nd May I ran the 10k Beast in the East at Swanley in Kent. A very different 10k Cross Country run where you start on a motorcross circuit for the first 1.8k then go out into the woods before returning to the motorcross section again at the end. This was a real tough 10k, the motorcross circuit was heavy underfoot and had some very steep inclines that killed your stamina. Really enjoyed the run and finished in 20th place out of 350 runners with a time of 46.53. I would recommend these types of run as they are a bit different and add variety to your schedule. Now looking forward to the run on wednesday!

Croydon 10K - Graeme Drysdale reports!!

Hi Phil,

I did the Croydon 10k last Sunday. It must be the 6th time I've run it, and was actually the first 10k I ever did back in 2005, in a time of 57.03 minutes. 6 years later and my aim was to crack 45 minutes, but ended up with a time of 43.54, a new PB by 2m 46s which I'm really chuffed with. The conditions were perfect, and because of such it prompted a long queue of sign-ups on the day and 515 runners in total. I didn't even get in the top 100 with that time! I'm putting my new speed down to the excellent Parkrun at Riddlesdown which I've become a regular at (PB now standing at 20.50). I didn't spot any other Creakers I know at the Croydon 10k but there may well have been some amongst the crowd.

On 25th September Pete Barry and I ran the Croydon Switchback 5, my first time at that event. £9 with cake and tea at the clubhouse afterwards can't be missed. No spectacular times here, but a wonderful off-road 5 miler in a lovely part of Croydon, and so totally different from the pavement route that the 10k has to offer.

Next on the horizon is the Leatherhead Firestation 10k (13th Nov) which I understand is also PB material, with an uphill start, but a downhill ending, so I'll keep you posted if I get any quicker!




Epsom Perch 2010
1 06/02/10 12:24
Eridge 10 Sep 10 and what it's like!

just a quick note to say that myself lesley and pete all completed the eridge 10 this morning.

cracking x country race, surely the finest organised off road race in the south,with a stunning hilly, boggy etc course.

not a bad free pint of badgers armpit to all finishers aswell!

Mike Chinn's exertions


Sorry I didn’t make it to the Bunny run – I was tempted but thought I’d ease off after the british military fitness 10k at Nutfield on Saturday -  which turned out to be fairly relaxed (53 mins with hills, obstacles, water, etc…I should have gone faster…had plenty of energy left at the end0

For photos look at www.philoconnor.com

Select britmilfit 10k /5k London  …. Then search for race number 694 (search box at top right of the page).  That’s me, that is…..in a very yellow top……looking very dashing…..

I’m aiming to make it to a creakers Happy Valley run soon – now the clocks have gone forwards I can run over to the Fox by 7pm if I get home from the office in time. 

Michael Chinn

1 20/05/10 09:39
Sally Gall's 2010 Windermere Marathon

Hi Phil

Just to let you know that I managed the Windermere Marathon in 4 hours and 9 minutes – hill after hill after hill, but worth it for the stunning scenery AND nice weather!!!  Pleased with time, now want to run a flatter marathon to see if I can do sub four hours!!!



Silchester 5

Hi Phil, I did the Silchester 5  (Hampshire)   last saturday, managed to come 12th  (second vet) narrowly missed getting a nice trophy , this is a nice off road race run through roman ruins,churchyard,farms and forest just happens to be close to where my relatives live so a fair way to travel but a good day /weekend away.. cheers mate (good to hear of others races and results )   from Les

Xmas 2012 messages

Hi to all,

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. Sorry I couldn't make it to the run at 10am (it was a tad too early) but have just come back from my own run and feel very glad I did go. Very much needed, to run off some calories!!
Anyhow, I wish you all a very 'Happy New Year' and will see some of you next week.