ABOUT BYFLEET AMENITIES GROUP                                        


Established in the autumn of 2004 by Anne Roberts and Jean Smith ,

Byfleet Amenities Group is an active non-political organisation working with

Woking Borough Council and Serco, the cleaning service providers for

improvements in the community.

The aims of the group are to take a pride in our environment and to:

•Keep a high standard of cleanliness around all parts of the village especially

high pedestrian areas near the fast-food and restaurant outlets

•To identify areas which need renovation and improvement

•To monitor throughout the year the flower containers and planting

•To identify and improve amenity space including benches and notice boards

•To achieve every year a festive display of lights on Plough Green over the

Christmas period


Chair:        Mrs Jean Smith                              Treasurer:      Mr Grahame Osborn

                  42 Royston Road                                                  56 Dawson Road

                  Byfleet                                                                   Byfleet

                  KT14 7PD                                                             KT14 7JE

Tel:            01932 347921                                Tel:                 01932 406218 

Secretary: Mrs Bethan Punter                         Fund Raising: Mrs Libby Punter

                  25 Godley Road                                                    51 Parvis Road

                  Byfleet                                                                   Byfleet

                  KT14 7EP                                                              KT14 7AA

 Tel:           07872 970213                              Tel:                   07929 882934