Member of the National Organisation of Residents' Associations

The association aims to protect and enhance the amenities and semi-rural environment of the Bourne, Farnham.                                                                                                              


  • Keep an eye on highways, footpaths, public spaces, tree preservation orders and the stream
  • Review planning applications
  • Encourage measures that support local shops and businesses
  • Lobby authorities on matters that could adversely affect quality of life in the Bourne.
  • Independently monitor potential threats to locally listed buildings.                                      


If you would like to join then either complete the online form or print out the paper version and send it to the Membership Secretary

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     Bourne Green and Tennis Courts

         The Bourne Green and Tennis Courts                                                                                                                                                                   




The Bourne Residents’ Association has been around for many years, representing the interests of members on issues that affect The Bourne such as development and Planning, the environment, traffic, schools and so on. It has had a distinct effect in a number of areas, most recently on the use of Bourne Woods for filming and the development of the Farnham Neighbourhood plan.

TBRA has always depended on willing volunteers to serve on the Committee and do the necessary work to understand and comment on issues, develop relationships with Councils, other Residents’ Associations and other stakeholders, and communicate with members. This can be a time consuming and sometimes onerous task, and over the last few years it has become harder to find people with the interest, time and energy to take on the various roles, particularly the Chair of the Association, who in the end tends to have to pick up much of the work.

Valerie Nye has been the Chair for 5 years, and on the Committee for many more. She has indicated she must now step down, and she is joined in that wish by three other Committee members. We have so far been unable to identify candidates to take over.

The future of TBRA has been in abeyance for some months now. No one has come forward to take up the position of Chairman or Treasurer.

Apart from planning there are two areas of concern for TBRA - The Bourne Woods and The Bourne Beautification Project.

It has been decided that the BRA name will remain but it will curtail much of what it does.

Only major planning applications will be discussed.  Minor applications such as extensions will be left to the neighbours to comment or object as they see fit.

Although having stepped down from TBRA per se:

Tony Patterson will continue to monitor the Bourne Woods on all filming activity.

Val Nye will continue with the Bourne Beautification project and liaise with other groups on any further major applications.

 Robert Archer-Burton continues to be TBRA treasurer and will oversee the BBP monies, The Millenium footpath monies  and keep the BRA account running.

Luke Manhire continues as membership sectetary and will be a point of contact for  members. The website will still remain.

Abigail McKern and Brian Perriman remain on the committee.

We are still open to welcoming new members and anyone who wished to join the committee. We will have adhoc meetings when deemed necessary.

For further information Contact Val Nye on 01252714009 or



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Bourne Woods tree felling

We have received the following communication from our contact at the Forestry Commission:

 "I am writing to inform you and the Bourne residents that, as part of the planning application for filming at Bourne Wood, we will be felling the trees within the green coloured area in the second half of February (See attached map). The aspiration is transforming this area into heathland, which will provide suitable habitat for  many reptiles, invertebrates, small mammals and ground nesting birds. Some scatter trees will be left standing in order to provide perch for birds and habitat for other species of interest. 

Due to the conservation focus in this zone, we will fence off the area highlighted in the map with a red line in order to prevent uncontrolled dog access during the breeding season, fly tips from the road, etc.

The little triangular area to the west of the path will be fell as well because it could not be felled 6 years ago as we were unable to shut the power line off."

Map of the proposed felling: Bourne Woods 0117

If you have any queries please email me at and ill ensure your query is passed on.

Waverley Borough Local Plan part 1 Strategic Policies and Sites: This is now being independently examined by an inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. This is a continuous process running from the date of submission - 21/12/2016 through to the receipt of the Planning Inspector's Report.

Part of this process will involve hearing sessions where those invited to attend will have the opportunity to respond to matters raised by The Planning Inspector. Once confirmed, all details relating to the examination process will be advertised, including online at

2016 Newsletter 

Please follow the link to the 2016 Autumn newsletter which we sent out to all our members last year.

TBRA News Letter

New Village Signs

Two new village signs were erected at the end of January. They are both located on the A287 Frensham Road, one as you head south just past the entrance to Middle Bourne Lane. The other is heading north just before the entrance to Frensham Vale. Thanks to all of those who were involved in this project. I think you'll agree the signs look excellent.


LB Sign


AGM Minutes

Thanks to all of those who attended our meeting. Please find the Minutes in the attached document. AGM Minutes 2015.


Current Planning applications.

Although there are several planning applications always going through the council. We endeavour to look at the applications that will have an impact on the Bourne Community as a whole.

The current applications we are looking into are as follows:

Baker Oates: WA/2016/1234 Approval of reserved matters Landscaping, Appearance, Layout, and scale following the outline approval of the erection of 43 dwellings houses.  Permission Refused 18/11/2016


Frensham Vale:   Proposed development of 120 houses on land south of Frensham Vale. WA/2016/1266
All of planning applications can be viewed online on the Waverley website.
To see all the applications for Farnham Bourne ward simply select 'Ward List' on the left hand side of the page and select 'Farnham Bourne' from the drop down list.


Farnham in Bloom 2017

Bourne Beautification Project: Farnham in Bloom achieved Gold: Britail in Bloom results announced in October.



Association email address:

Bourne Beautification Project. Please look under Bourne Beautification Project at top of page. 

Amazing work continues at the Bourne Cross Roads and here are some pictures from last years efforts:





The association aims to protect and enhance the amenities and semi-rural environment of The Bourne, Farnham