On 31 January Ashford Art Club members enjoyed a demonstration by Edwin Cripps on techniques for painting a wine glass and also a simple sky/landscape image.

 Edwin started  the evening by drawing and outline of a simple wine glass, on a black canvas using a white water colour pencil. He emphasised the importance of getting the outline of the glass and it's symmetry absolutley correct.

He used a 'T square' to mark vertical and horizonal lines on the canvas and he then drew the outline of a wine glass making sure the image was as symetrical as he could make it: in other words, one side of the glass exactly matched the other, as it would in real life. But Edwin drew the glass from memory as he never copies images, but rather uses his imagination.

He encouraged us all to be brave and just 'go fo it', not to be daunted by a blank canvas, because any mistakes could be easilly rectified and all mistakes teach us valuable lessons! He also said if it looks wrong, then it is wrong and said we should rectify the errors at the drawing stage and not when we have applied the paint.

All present agreed this was a very good tip to remember, especially for the newest members of the Club. Edwins teaching style is relaxed, inclusive and fun, because he encourages everyone to 'have a go!'

Next was the actual painting of the wine in the glass, lower portion was painted first and then upper making sure that upper half was slightly darker in shade than lower portion. To represent the opacity of the liquid and the direction of the light, and any reflections.

He then went on to showed us all how to highlight the rim and outside of the glass in white paint and this is what brought the image to life and made is appear realistic. Like magic!

Edwin then went on to demonstate a simple landscape and and sky. He explained how to develop the painting using two broad brushes with a special dry retarding medium and blending/softening the look using a broad, dry brush. He showed us all a very easy and effective way to build up the sky line, clouds and mountains in the picture, and set the light falling from left to right giving depth and perspective. 

Everyone present enjoyed the demonstration and many where encouraged to have a go at wine glasses and landscapes.


Pictures from the evening:-


Image_0134Image_0136Image_0140Image_0141Image_0142Image_0144 Image_0145Image_0147Image_0148Image_0149Image_0156