Exhibition OCTOBER 2018





Still Life Session  July 26th 2018



 Still Life set up by Margaret Lintott(President)of Art Club





Portrait Drawing Session  July 12th 2018


      Members had a relaxed and enjoyable evening thanks to the sitters. 

      Three members volunteered to sit and below is some of the work done by our members

              1st Portrait Sitting 


             2nd  Portrait Sitting


            3rd  Portrait Sitting






Still Life Session  28th June 2018


Design by Hazel Peer




Still Life Drawing Session    14th June 2018 


Design by Chris Rogers




A Spring Exhibition was held at the Fordbridge Centre Ashford

               on Sat 24th and Sun 25th in March 2018


This was very successful. Plenty of visitors came along on both afternoons and many commented on the high standard of art work displayed. Regular supporters were also pleased to read new names on the exhibit labels. Eleven paintings  were sold.

The refreshments, provided by Jose Cook were enjoyed by everyone. The raffle of which the first prize was Terry Barry’s “Scotney Castle”.and the Refreshments together raised £277.71. Chris Rogers organised the Exhibition Rota as well as the lovely Raffle.

The picture voted best in the exhibition was again by  Anne Whitelock one of our most prolific,varied and talented artists of the society








Edwin began his talk by stressing the need for good quality materials – canvas, paint and brushes. He then outlined a still life composition using a white watercolour pencil on a canvas which had been pre-painted neutral colour background. He then blocked in the main objects with paint from a “stay wet” palette. The white outline was then removed with a damp cloth.

During the painting Edwin answered questions from the audience and gave tips on achieving symmetry, layering paint, light direction and shading, and underpainting subjects. He explained that paints should be built up in layers. His progress with the picture appeared to be rapid and confident.

After a short break for refreshments Edwin continued with the painting. He said that he had attended a few formal classes which had inspired him to take up painting. He joined Ashford Art Club in 1978 and was generous in saying that he had learned a lot as a result of his membership. He finished the painting by adding a little mouse eating the cheese.

Eileen Lacey thanked Edwin for the demonstration and he was given a warm round of applause and we look forward to his next presentation.



Sill Life Session 9th November 2017


Design by Chris Rogers





Rodney Kingston Demonstration June 8th 2017

Painting Silverware in Oils



The finished result




Demonstration by Edwin Cripps May 11th 2017       



            Edwin painted a frog while imparting many of his tips and techniques to members

            and visitors



The finished result






Portrait Drawing


                Terry sitting January 26th 2017            Chris sitting February 9th




Still Life Session 12th January 2017

Design by Chris Rogers




John Holman meets J.S. Lowry  10th November 2016 


A interesting talk on the great man given with great enthusiasm




Rodney Kingston Workshop/Demonstration September 1st 2016 


Giving the effect of 3D on 2D paper




Sill Life Session 18th August 2016


Design by Linda Harvey 






Demonstration of Portraiture in Oils on 3rd March

Given by Rodney Kingston


An inspiration to members and budding portrait painters





Demonstration of Abstract by Karen Charman October 15th 2015



An exciting and interesting evening where members were involved in the finished painting by choosing there own colours for the squares.








          Terry assisting one our members with a drawing problem