If you are a voluntary, community or not-for-profit group providing services to people in Surrey and you already have a website, you can add your details to our A-Z. Your entry will include a brief description of your group and a link to your website.

The A-Z is browsed by thousands of people each month so inclusion can help bring more visitors to your site.

If your group hasn't already got a site, you can apply for a free website with us instead (all SurreyCommunity.info websites are automatically included in the A-Z).


Step 1: Check that you are eligible

To be included in the A-Z you must be one of the following:

  • A community, voluntary or non-profit organisation geographically based in Surrey.
  • A community, voluntary or non-profit organisation geographically based close to the border of Surrey and providing services to people in Surrey.
  • A district, borough, town or parish council in Surrey.
  • An elected member of a county, district, borough, town or parish council in Surrey.
  • A national community, voluntary or non-profit organisation providing services in Surrey.

If you are not sure that your group fits into one of the categories listed above, contact us at enquiries@surreycommunity.info for advice.


Step 2: Registering as a SurreyCommunity.info user

Before you can add your group's details to the A-Z you have to register with us. If you are already registered with us then you do not need to re-register and can skip straight to step three. 

You can register with our online form.

The form is very short and only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

Once you have completed your details, you will automatically be sent an email containing a link. When it arrives click on the link in the email to confirm you have received it and complete the registration process.

(If the email doesn't arrive within a few minutes of submitting the form, please check your email program's junk mail folder. If you can't find the email there, contact us at enquiries@surreycommunity.info. We'll need to know your name and the email address that you used to register with.)


Step 3: Adding your group to the A-Z

Return to SurreyCommunity.info and login using the link at the top of the pages.

To add your group to the A-Z, you'll need to complete the same form that is used to apply for a website. Click on the 'Apply now' button below to begin.

The form will ask you for details of your group and also details of your current website (so that we can link your entry in the A-Z to it).  It will also ask you if you want to use your own website. Answer yes. You will also need to provide the address of your website - make sure to include the whole address including the http:// at the beginning.

When you have completed the form and sent it, you will normally get a reply from us within two business days confirming your entry in the A-Z and providing you with login details. You can use these if you need to edit your entry in the A-Z at a later date or if you want to convert your entry into a full SurreyCommunity.info website.


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