Surrey Police updates


Surrey Police Neighbourhood Team are invited to all meetings of the council. At each meeting feedback is given about matters arising within the parish along with answering questions.


Abinger parish is covered by the Dorking Rural West team, follow link to see updates and priorities being tackled by the team.


19 July May-July 13 police figures for Abinger Parish issued. Whilst overall figures remain low reported incidents have almost doubled this month. Theft of heating oil remains an issue, there have also been a number of break ins to sheds and outbuildings resulting in the theft of garden equipment and machinery. There have been reports of confidence tricksters calling on residents to advise of competition wins through to bogus claims building works are required. Residents advised to call Police in event of any suspicious contact.


20 May March-May 13 Police figures for Abinger Parish issued. Thefts of heating oil on the increase, residents urged to secure storage tanks. There have been a number of theft from cars, particularly cars parked in beauty spots. Reminder to ensure all valuables are not left in cars and or kept out of sight.


28 January  November-January 13 Police figures for Abinger Parish issued. Residents advised to take precautions to secure heating oil storage tanks following recent theft.


To contact Surrey Police dial 101 in an emergency dial 999.