Meetings of the Council


Ordinary Meeting of Abinger Parish Council

The Public Bodies [Admission to Meetings] Act 1960 provides that meetings of local councils shall be open to the public. Provision is made for excluding the public by resolution when confidential business is being considered or there are other special reasons and publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest. Items which appear in Part 2 of the agenda are submitted for consideration when members of the public may, by resolution, have been excluded.


Date & Time:

Monday 18 July 2016 at 8:00pm


Abinger Hammer Village Hall


Ros Doree (RD)


Trevor Haylett


Gary Bennett (GB), Richard Frost (RF), Mike Brady (MB), Peter Farley (PF)


Henry Barnard (HB)










Apologies were received from Deardre Cunningham, Paul Cleaver and William Corke.




To receive any declarations of interest - All Councillors declared trusteeship of Abinger Parish Recreation Grounds
Charity (APRGC).




To confirm and sign minutes of the meeting held on 16 May 2016 – The minutes were not available and it was
decided to defer signing them until the September meeting.




New Councillor – RD welcomed Henry Barnard to the meeting. He had expressed an interest in
   filling the vacancy in the North Ward and was co-opted onto the Parish Council, proposed by RD and seconded
   by RF.






(a) Financial statement - the Clerk’s financial report and the following payments were approved: T. Haylett - £551.95;
   Burleys - £443.09; Rodney West - £600; Zoll Medical - £264; Okewood Hill Village Hall - £34; Safeplay - £60.


(b) Financial Return – the Clerk reported that the Internal Auditor had now returned the financial documents relevant to
     2015/16 and when the period of public disclosure has ended the next step is to present the figures to the External


(c) Section 137 Grants – An application had been received from the Okewood, Ockley and Forest Green Flower Show
     asking for £675 to purchase two secondhand gazebos and 80 chairs. Councillors acknowledged the importance of
     this event which is always well supported but raised questions about the chairs; why that number were needed in
     addition to what the organisers already had and where they would be stored. RF said he also wanted to see the
     accounts for the Show itself.
       Action: The Clerk would go back to the organisers and ask for clarification on those points.





Defibrillators – RD explained that all four defibrillators had now been installed across the parish and the next step was
   to put up notices in various locations such as the Scarlett Arms, the Parrot Inn, Abinger Hatch, The Volunteer, The
     Post Office House, Abinger Hammer, as well as Parish Council noticeboards, explaining that the defibrillators were
   available for use. RD added that it was intended to run another Heart Start course, at Abinger Hammer, later in the
       Action: the Clerk will purchase a laminator and produce the notices. The clerk will also supply MVDC with the
   postcodes of the various defibrillators.





Public Question Time – No questions.




Planning – GB explained that a meeting of the planning committee had been held over the application at Okebrook and
   comments had been submitted in relation to the change of use from agricultural to residential. The application was
   subsequently withdrawn.




     With the proposal at The Old Observaory, observations were submitted with
     regard to the historical nature of the building.


     The following applications had been received since the May meeting:

     MO/2016/1048/PLAH - Buttercup Cottage, Horsham Road, Wallis Wood – detailed householder
     MO/2016/0736/PLAH - Willows, Horsham Road, Wallis Wood – detailed householder
     MO/2016/0995/CC  - Holmbury Farm, Cotton Row, Abinger – compliance with conditions

     MO/2016/0976/PLA - Pisley Farm, Holden Brook Lane, Ockley - detailed
    MO/2016/0907/CAT - Hillview, 1, Stane Street, Ockley – conservation area trees
    MO/2016/0809/PLA - Ockley Station, Station Approach, Ockley - detailed

    MO/2016/0958/PLAH - Furzen Wood, Abinger Lane, Abinger Common – detailed householder

   MO/2016/0916 - Okebrook, Ockley Road, Forest Green – agriculture to residential WITHDRAWN
  MO/2016/0869 - Willows, Horsham Road, Wallis Wood – detailed householder
    MO/2016/0743 - Furzen Farm, Furzen Lane, Wallis Wood - detailed

    MO/2016/0367 - The Old Observatory, Sheephouse Lane, Abinger – detailed householder

    MO/2016/0753 - Water Lane House, Water Lane, Abinger Hammer – detailed householder

    MO/2016/0762 - Okebrook, Ockley Road, Forest Green - detailed
    MO/2016/0768 - Redcot, Abinger Lane, Abinger – compliance with conditions





       Surrey County Council Highways


Highways – Concern was again expressed about the state of the verges and the fact that no cutting appeared to have been carried out by MVDC.

MB raised the matter of the Walliswood culvert repair and said that in view of the problems there taxpayers should not have to bear the cost of the project running £40,000 over budget.
Action –
the Clerk will email County Councillor Hazel Watson and explain that the Parish Council are unhappy with several aspects of this work and particularly the fact that it was significantly over budget.

Roadside declutter –
RF pointed out that many of the road signs were in a bad condition.
It was agreed to email Hazel Watson and point out that rather than the focus on decluttering, attention should be paid to ensure existing signs are upright and cleaned.

Reporting of pot holes –
After an earlier discussion on this, it was agreed that Parish Councillors would have to compile a report for the SCC website themselves rather than feed information to the Clerk.





   Telephone Box at Abinger Hammer – RD explained that William and Emma Corke no longer had an interest in
     maintaining the Box and RD said it wasn’t something that parish council money should be spent on. The Parish
       Council website has posted an appeal asking for residents to come forward if they are interested in taking on the
       maintenance and insurance of the Box which has been decommissioned.

         There are telephone boxes still in use at Forest Green and Walliswood (2) and they were reported to be
        in a shocking state while the one at Abinger Common was said to be in better condition.
         Action: the Clerk will complain to BT about the state of the boxes at Forest Green and Walliswood and also the
      fact that the box at Forest Green is not working order. In addition HB will spread the word in Abinger Hammer
       and see if anyone is prepared to take on the Box. Notices will also be put on noticeboards.





   Fencing at Abinger Hammer

      Cricket club safety fencing –
With the playground improvements, the safety fencing no longer covers the entire
    playground and the cricket club had intimated in a telephone call that they would be looking for the Parish Council
       to contribute to the costs of extending the fencing. MB said that the cricket club would have a duty of care to the
    playground users and RF added that if the cricket club were engaged in an activity that was potentially dangerous
     then they should bear the costs. HB explained that it did not have to be a permanent structure and mentioned
    another cricket club where a curtain-type fence was used for matches.
RD will talk to the cricket club chairman John Philpin about the issue and the Clerk will find out the view of
     the insurance company.



(c)          Fencing round the entire playground provided by APC – Fencing was required to go round the new
     playground and it was agreed that it should be an upright picket fence with plain wood and should include a
       Action: the Clerk will obtain three quotes for the work while the ditch will be cleared in advance of the
       fence being installed.





Playgrounds – All had been checked and no problems were reported with the exception of the fencing at Abinger
      Common where half a dozen uprights had been removed.





   Funding for Parish Councils to conduct renewable energy feasibility studies – RD read out a letter from Carbon
       Smart, a company offering grant funding for a renewable energy feasibility study of up to £20,000. It was decided
       not to pursue the offer.





   SALC – The Chairman and Vice-Chairman have been notified about a planning update event which will be held in






   Bye-Laws –GB explained that a meeting of Councillors had been held to update the bye-laws and to identify
       separate bye-laws for Abinger Hammer, Abinger Common and Forest Green. The Clerk will formulate that into
       three separate drafts and circulate for Councillors to review. The final part will be a period of public consultation
       and press coverage.






   Invitations/Correspondence – None





   Dates of future Parish Council meetings:               

   19 September 2016 – Okewood Hill Village Hall

      21 November 2016 – Abinger Common Evelyn Hall




   Any additional items to discuss –The Clerk raised the question of switching to internet banking and explained
       that the advice from SALC was that this was ok as long as safeguards were in place. The feedback from
       other parish councils was that the majority continued to use cheques. GB felt it would potentially cause
       more problems than the time it would save and it was agreed to continue with the present system.  




The meeting closed at 9:28pm