16 May 2016 Meeting - Minutes

Annual Meeting of Abinger Parish Council

Date & Time:

Monday 16 May 2016 at 8.00pm


Walliswood Village Hall


Ros Doree (RD)


Trevor Haylett


Gary Bennett (GB), Deardre Cunningham (DC), Richard Frost (RF), Paul Cleaver (PC) Peter Farley (PF), Mike Brady (MB).


Gareth Hayton (CAGNE) and Peter Drummond (APCAG) and one member of the public .










(Clerk in the Chair)

       To elect a Chairman for the coming year
     PC proposed RD, seconded by MB, and RD was elected unanimously.





(Ros Doree in the Chair)


     Apologies were received from William Corke.





To receive any declarations of interest
       All Councillors declared trusteeship of Abinger Parish Recreation Grounds Charity (APRGC).





To confirm and sign minutes of the meeting held on 21 March 2016
The minutes were agreed and signed, RF proposed, PC seconded.





To elect a Vice-Chairman
RDproposed GB, seconded by DC, and GB was elected unanimously.





To Appoint Representatives
The following were appointed:-

   Planning - GB
   SALC - RD
   WASP Community Bus - PF
   Walliswood Village Hall Committee - PF
   Oakwood Hill Village Hall Committee - MB
   Forest Green Village Hall Committee - DC
   Abinger Hammer Village Hall Committee - PC
   Abinger Common Village Hall Committee - RF
   Transport Representative – MB and RD
   Parish Magazine Correspondents North - Clerk
   Parish Magazine Correspondents South – Clerk

   Village Greens: Abinger Hammer – PC
   Abinger Common – RF
   Forest Green – DC
   Walliswood (Green and playground) – GB




Peter Drummond, chair of APCAG (Association of Parish Councils Aviation Group) spoke to the meeting about his organisation and the Noise Management Board (NMB), a new board set up by the Gatwick Arrival Review (GAR) team to deal with arrivals and departures. There is a place on the board for community representative groups. Gareth Hayton from CAGNE (Communities against Gatwick Noise Emissions) then outlined his organisation’s response to the GAR.
Action: The Parish Council has the opportunity to vote for one of the groups to sit on the NMB and it was agreed that, if GACC (Gatwick Area Conservation Campaign) were prepared to stand for representation, that the vote would go to them. If they weren’t standing, the vote would go to CAGNE.





(a)The Clerk’s financial report was accepted and the following payments approved: T. Haylett £551.95;
       Burleys £443.09; R. Frost £449.72 and K. Gifford £232.80. The Clerk explained that the report had
       been updated since it was sent out and said the new version would be delivered to Councillors later in
       the week.

       (b) The Clerk also reported that the Annual Accounts had been agreed by the Internal Auditor and an
       updated cashbook would be sent out to Councillors. RF asked about the gratuity payment to the former
       Clerk and it was agreed that the Auditors should be asked for their view on how to process the

       PC mentioned that £5,000 could be taken out of the current account and put in the deposit account. RF
       said that this money was needed for contingencies. The Clerk has also investigated changing bank
       accounts to get a better rate of interest and raised the prospect of switching to internet banking. This
       had been considered in the past but previous Clerks felt it put an additional responsibility on them that
       was unfair. RF suggested that research was undertaken to discover what other parish councils did in this
       regard and also seek the views of SSALC and the Auditors.

       (c) Insurance renewal - AON had quoted £2,015.66 to renew the PC’s insurance (£1,917.51 per year for
       a three-year deal). An alternative quote had been received from Zurich of £882.46 (£813.65 for three

       years). The Clerk explained that he had also been in contact with brokers who mentioned that they
       would struggle to match the Zurich quote but did suggest a figure in the region of £1200 from Hiscox.
       GB asked if all the assets covered under the AON policy were included in Zurich’s figure. RD proposed
       that the Zurich quote be accepted assuming that the assets were all included.
       Action: The Clerk will check with Zurich that all the assets are covered.





       RD said there had been little progress in installing the defibrillator at Abinger Hammer.
       Action: PC agreed to contact Martin Grant Homes to see if they would be happy to put the device on an
       outside wall.
       GB said arrangements had been made to install the device at Walliswood Village Hall and the electrician
       had been contacted. GB suggested that notices advertising the existence of the appliances should be
       placed in pubs and village halls as well as on the noticeboards.

       The Clerk mentioned that the defibrillators should not be used on children under the age of 8 but
       paediatric pads were available at a cost of around £65. MB queried whether these pads would have
       the same ‘shelf life’ as the other device.
       Action: GB agreed to chase up the electrician to install the Walliswood defibrillator and the Clerk will
       check how long the paediatric pads are expected to last for.


       Each defibrillator requires an Administrator and these Councillors agreed to perform the role:
       Abinger Common – RF
       Abinger Hammer – PC
       Forest Green – DC
       Walliswood – GB





Oak Tree at Walliswood
RD said the Parish Council had been approached by a resident who pointed out that a large oak tree on
    the playing field at Walliswood was overhanging his garden and he wanted it pruned right back. The
    advice from a local tree surgeon was that the tree did not need pruning. The homeowner has now
    requested the Parish Council give permission for the tree to be pruned at his expense.
    Action: It was agreed the tree should not be pruned and the Clerk would write to the resident to let him





Planning – the following applications have been received since the March meeting:

**MO/2016/0410/EBC - south of The Dene, Abinger Hammer – electricity board consultation
**MO/2016/0396/PNQ Bridgham Cottage, Horsham Road, Forest Green – agricultural to residential
**MO/2016/0433/CC – Leith Vale Standon Lane, Ockley - compliance with conditions
**MO/2016/0395/PNQ - Fishfold Farm, Pisley Lane, Ockley – agricultural to residential
**MO/2016/0405/CAT - Collins Farm, Ockley Road, Forest Green – conservation area trees
**MO/2016/0341/PLAH - Hazels, Walliswood Green Road, Wallis Wood – detailed householder
**MO/2016/0248/PLA - Standon Homestead, Standon Lane, Ockley – detailed
**MO/2016/0414/PLAH - Woodlands Cottage, New Barn Lane, Ockley – detailed householder
**MO/2016/0550/CC - Keepers Cottage, Standon Stables, Standon Lane, Ockley – compliance with conditions
**MO/2016/0411/PLA - Henhurst Lodge, Beare Green Road, Ockley – detailed
**MO/2016/0551/PLAH - Stubbetts, Ockley Road, Forest Green – detailed householder
**MO/2016/0715/ECL – Bridgham Cottage Barn, Horsham Road, Forest Green – certificate of lawfulness
**MO/2016/0266/PLA – Field adjacent to Station approach, Ockley - detailed


GB explained the opposition to the Bridgham Cottage application and said many residents had written in
to say that the barns had never been used for agricultural purposes. However MVDC had passed the application after what appeared to be an administrative date error. So many residents had complained about the situation that MVDC had agreed to meet them and the PC had agreed to attend. It’s understood
that the residents would request that the application be put on hold while an investigation was carried out.





Surrey County Council Highways

     (a) Update on culvert at Walliswood – RD said good progress was being made with the new contractors
    now working on this site and it was possible the road would re-open well within the anticipated time scale.
    She said she was trying to find out through County Councillor Hazel Watson what the budget was and by
    how much it had been exceeded.





GB said that he had finally received some information from the department for local communities and
      local government (DCLG) and he would forward that on to Councillors. He added that the case for
      changing the by-laws has to be pretty strong.





Agendas and Minutes
RF explained that during his New Councillor Training with SSALC it was said that there was no legal
       obligation to put the Agenda and Minutes on noticeboards. DC felt that there was still value in
       putting the Agendas on the noticeboards because it would remind people of the meetings coming up.
       RD proposed, and DC seconded, a motion to put just the Agendas on noticeboards with the
       Minutes going on the website.      





AOB – GB said there had been a late request from the Scarlett Arms at Walliswood to use the Village Hall field for overspill parking for a car show. It was agreed to allow the request subject to favourable weather





Dates of future Parish Council meetings:  

   18 July 2016 - Abinger Hammer

   19 September 2016 – Okewood Hill Village Hall

   21 November 2016 – Abinger Common Evelyn Hall





The meeting closed at 22:00pm