Review 2017

This page covers an overview of the Scouting events in 2017.


Frost Camp

There are some photos in the Photo Album section.

A few more scouts this year, always good.

Very wet on Sunday so the canvas needed hanging out. 

Archery, shooting, crate stacking, quad bikes, zip wire.

lots of food and cold weather - it is called Frost Camp



3rd February 2017


Chinese New Year.

We had a go at cooking different dishes (without using cooking-sauce jars).




10th February 2017


Shooting practice NOT at Laleham.

We used the shooting range in Staines.




Annual Master Of Arms event.

Laleham entered one team.

The overall competition winner was 3rd Staines A:
1st 3rd Staines A 79 133 212
2nd 1st Stanwell 74 132 206
3rd 6th Staines 94 89 183
4th 8th ashford A 52 86 138
5th 3rd Staines C 44 92 136
6th 4th Ashford B 57 75 132
7th 7th Ashford B 20 109 129
8th 7th Ashford C 70 57 127
9th 3rd Staines B 32 86 118
10th 8th ashford B 31 87 118
10th 7th Ashford A 36 78 114
12th 1st Laleham 25 87 112
13th 3rd Ashford A 38 63 101
14th 3rd Ashford B 28 24 52
15th 4th Ashford A 17 26 43
The winner of the rifle shooting competition was 3rd Staines A:
Rifle Shooting
1st 3rd Staines A 133
2nd 1st Stanwell 132
3rd 7th Ashford B 109
4th 3rd Staines C 92
5th 6th Staines 89
6th 1st Laleham 87
7th 8th Ashford B 87
8th 3rd Staines B 86
9th 8th Ashford A 86
10th 7th Ashford A 78
11th 4th Ashford B 75
12th 3rd Ashford A 63
13th 7th Ashford C 57
14th 4th Ashford A 26
15th 3rd Ashford B 24
The winner of the archery competition was 6th Staines:
1st 6th Staines 94
2nd 3rd Staines A 79
3rd 1st Stanwell 74
4th 7th Ashford C 70
5th 4th Ashford B 57
6th 8th ashford A 52
7th 3rd Staines C 44
8th 3rd Ashford A 38
9th 7th Ashford A 36
10th 3rd Staines B 32
11th 8th ashford B 31
12th 3rd Ashford B 28
13th 1st Laleham 25
14th 7th Ashford B 20
15th 4th Ashford A 17

Well done to those who took part.
Canal boat camp.
Two boats for our annual trip. See few photos on site.
Activities included Crate stacking (a few photos in the photo album section of this site) and two kayak sessions on the Thames.
Scoutabout a few picture in the photo album section of the site.
A big activity camp for Scouts in Surrey, over 3,500 Scouts plus leaders.
Activities were queue and do the bigger ones have the longest queues
car driving, quad bikes, coach driving (a real full sized coach!!), shooting archery, welding, crafts, assault course,... over 100 so not listing them all.
A very, very hot weekend, but it meant the tents were packed dry.
Raft race.  The raft made it to the start... nearly, was repaired, then felling component poles at furthest point.
All good fun.
Trangia practice
Hike and trangias on Staines Common
Wood work - 2 week project for phone holder.  Some excellent results and well decorated.
Thanks to Martin and Richard.
See photos on site
Annual Bivi night.  One night in a shelter made to tarpaulin.  Took a while to start cooking, but no one starved and no one froze so all good.
Thanks Martin.