Review 2015

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Below is a list of some of the activities 1st Laleham Scouts enjoyed during 2015.

For a list of future events see the Scouts Diary page.


There are a few basic photos of the events in the photo section of this site.


16th to 18th January 2015 - FROST CAMP

5 Scouts, plus 3 adults attended the County winter activity camp at Bentley Copse.

The activities included standing and prone air rifle shooting, archery, air pistols, pedal carts, climbing, abseiling, adventure course and backwoods cooking.

Some photos in the Photo Album section of this site.


6th February

The Scouts cooked pancakes, a few photos.


8th February - Sunday

District shooting competition held at 1st Staines

A good effort from Max, Alex, Chloe, Zahra and Nathan.


We came 4th and 6th. 

  1. 8th Ashford (14:20) Score 126
  2. 8th Ashford (14:40) Score 107
  3. 6th Staines (12:00) Score 103
  4. 1st Laleham (11:20) Score 98 (4==)
  5. 6th Staines (12:20) Score 98  (4==)
  6. 1st Laleham (11:40) Score 96
  7. 3rd Staines (10:20) Score 85
  8. 5th Sunbury (15:20) Score 73
  9. 3rd Ashford (15:00) Score 68
  10. 1st Stanwell (13:40) Score 65
  11. 3rd Ashford (11:00) Score 48
  12. 4th Ashford (10:40) Score 41
  13. 7th Ashford (13:00) Score 40
  14. 4th Ashford (14:00) Score 37


11.20 Group:

Max Barron = 29

Alex Barron = 38

Zahra Chisolm = 9

Chloe Longley = 22

11.40 Group

Max Barron = 27

Alex Barron = 33

Nathan Davies = 36


13th February

Group/Family pancake evening.



21st - 22nd March - District Night Hike

District Scout Night Exercise.  A night hike Saturday evening until early Sunday morning between bases, there are small Scouting related challenges at each base, maybe knots, first aid.   Sleepover for competitors (not just Laleham) at Laleham HQ.


Well done to Nathan, Daniel and Hadyn.  Only a few could do it this year, so a team was formed with 2 senior 7th Ashford Scouts.

They got around to all bases, good team effort.


Cold and windy but dry.  Chris and Mike ran the first aid base.  It shows the scouts were listening to prtevious instruction.  Good slings.


1st = 7th Ashford A   77

2nd = 8th Ashford B  74.5

3rd = 8th Ashford A  71

4th = 6th Staines      66

5th = 1st Stanwell     64

6th = 1st Laleham     54 - with 2 Scouts from 7th Ashford.

7th = 4th Ashford      42.5 - did not complete course

8th = 7th Ashford B   32 - did not complete course



Bird Boxes


Over 3 weeks we made bird boxes, roughly to the design below.


A very good effort by all. a few photos on this site.


St George’s Day Parade : 26th April 2015

The parade was from Woodthorpe Road, Ashford to St. Hilda’s church.




8th - 10th May - Canal boat camp


2014 was a special, one week camp.  This year we return to the normal long weekend, Friday evening to Sunday.  This year’s trip was maybe more eventful than most.


The minibus broke down on the M40, the front brakes were stuck on, glowing.


We waited about 1 ½ hours for a recovery truck first on the embankment, then under a bridge. Mood was good and Nicola and Katie kept warm by running an exercise class.  Then maybe an additional half hour for our two taxis to take us to the boats. A bit of a delay, but not raining and all safe, and shows keeping breakdown membership up to date was a good plan.


Our normal route is out on Saturday, through locks and tunnels, stop for the night, then return to the mooring on Sunday.  On Saturday the boat behind us through the Watford locks broke a lock. Opps.


So return to the boat yard was not possible, on Sunday we went further along the canal and turning at lunch time.


Cricket in a field Saturday evening.


Most of the Scouts tried fishing, Crusty and Barry lead the activity. Crusty caught 2 large fish, most were successful.


Stef from 8th Ashford very kindly spent his Sunday afternoon and evening driving from Staines to collect us with one of their mini-buses.


Richard took a slightly different route back with the kit van and was stationary on the M40 for about an hour and a half.  So we arrived back at 8:00 the kit just gone 9:00


All safe.



15th May - Athletics Evening - Staines Moor

About 25 Scouts from the district took part.

A 4 mile cross country for those over 12 1/2, 2 miles for the younger Scouts.

Then a 100m, 400m and 4 x 100m relay.


All friendly, but excellent effort from all.


Zahra, Samuel, Max and Alex represented 1st Laleham.


Family Camp 22nd to 25th May 

The camp was well organised by Richard, with Nicola runnnig the kitchen.  Lots of activities and lots of good food with singing in the evenings.

A few very basic photos on the photos section.

Water activities (canoes, kayaks and water walkers), archery, air rifles, climbing, abseiling, a wide game, a stupidly high sky-walk, inflata-bull, pedal carts. cresta run. 



Pioneering – Full day, Sunday 21st June.

A massive thank you to Keith Brewer from Spelthorne Active Support for leading the day, and to Paul for his help.


Keith took the group through the full pioneering badge.

Subjects covered included the Surrey Six knots, 3 lashings and rope care and whippings, ground anchors in hard and soft ground & pulleys.


The group made small projects in groups of two in the morning and a larger lifting project including a large tripod and A frame in the afternoon.


A few photos in the Photos section of this site.


Friday 17th July - Circus Skills


We were kindly invited by 1st Charlton to share their evening of Circus Skills.

Inside we tried feather balancing (does not sound much, but good), juggling scarves then balls, hat tricks.

Outside there were stilts, mini bikes, wobbly wheel things, unicycles.

Some had talent, I think enjoyed by all.



Friday 18th September - Group camp fire


As last year Richard agreed to lead a group camp fire songs.  Many of the Scouts were in perfect voice and lead 2 songs.



Friday 25th September - Gold Award

At the end of the evening Roger Dix presented Alex, Max and Samuel with their Gold Awards - Well done guys.




Sunday 27th September - RAFT RACE


District event, good knots, good team effort, we came third!! and there were more than 3 teams.  A few photos as reminders.


Vue Staines

Thank you to Vue Staines.  The scouts had a behind the scenes tour.  All digital , no reels of film.  We were shown the control panel, projectors, sound systems.  The bulbs are over £1000 and only last 500 hours.


Brick rocket stoves


The scouts made brick rocket stoves then used them to cook mini meals chicken curry and mince in pasta sauce with pitta bread.  Some pictures in the photo section of this site.



13th November - Stoves and Lamps


Chris demonstrated different lamps and stoves.  Hurricane and Tilley parafin lamps and a gas lamp. Gas and Meths Trangias. 

He covered the advantanges and disadvantages of each. 


Friday 20th - Saturday 21st November - CAMP

Bivi night.  The annual bivi night has been moved to November this year.

6 Scouts and 2 adults.  some rain overnight and some sleet in the morning.  

Thanks to Paul for helping.  A few (poor) photos on the photo area of this web site.

Normal burgers, sausages and bacon, plus William cooked up a chicken curry.