Review 2013


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Below is a list of some of the activities 1st Laleham Scouts enjoyed during 2013.



Cooking Fire



District Shooting competition - Jan
Laleham entered two teams, one of which came second.

Night Hike - 16th February

Chris organised a night hike around the edges of Chertsey and Thorpe.

Lots of mud and a bit of map reading.






District Night Exercise - 16-17th March 2013


how much mud 

The teams from around the district took part in the annual night exercise on Chobham common.  Each team was given a map, a compass and a list of coordinates for bases.  They had to navigate between the bases answering questions or performing challenges at the bases for points.  Laleham entered two teams.


The weather ranged from cold to cold + wind + rain.  The track conditions ranged from slippery and wet, to small lakes.  It does not matter if you have waterproof boots on, if you go in up to your knees you will get wet.

Well done to all who took part.


More of a challenge than expected, good team work and the ‘B’ team had good imagination on knot naming.


Special thanks to Bailey, an ex-Scout and now a young leader at the Cubs section, for his help on the First Aid base run by 1st Laleham.

1st - 1st Charlton,  90.5 points
2nd - 7th Ashford B, 88
3rd - 8th Ashford A, 86
4th - 8th Ashford C, 84.5
5th - 1st Laleham A, 83 <<<
6th - 7th Ashford A, 80
7th - 5th Sunbury B, 53
8th - 1st Laleham B, 49 <<<
9th - 1st Stanwell,  39
10th - 7th Ashford C, 23
11th - 5th Sunbury A, 19
12th - 6th Sta/7th Ash, 13


St George’s Day Camp - 20-21st April


The Scouts camped overnight. Sunday morning there was a parade and renewal of promise.

In the afternoon events included an assault course, a maze, shooting, zorbing, biscuit decoration, caving and the Laleham Coconut Shie.



Canal Boat Camp - 10th to 12th May
Scouts annual canal boat trip using a pair of boats from the London Narrow Boat Project.
This year we went 'the other way' as one of the locks in front of us needed attention.

A fan belt on the engine of one of the boats broke, but Chris was sent down with the engine to fix it, and a good job was done.  A lot of rain on Sunday.

Barry is trying to organise a weeks trip next year.  This will need Scout and parent support for a bit of fund raising.



lock      in a lock

Scout Skills - 17th May

Just a quick note about the axe skills session.  After we made the axes usably sharp everyone made a good attempt at a tent page.  Samuel took his home to finsh and made as master piece.  Well done, an excellent effort. 

Avergae pegs   The basic pegs.  SamuelPeg And Samuel's peg



District Scout Camp - 14th to 16th June
Activities included climbing, pioneering, fire lighting, abseiling and canoeing.



Camera Rally - 21st June

Out and about with disposable cameras.  



Expedition Challenge Camp - Friday 30th August to Sunday 1st September.


The Scouts learnt and refreshed some Scouty skills.  The main activities were map and compass hikes, with supervision on Saturday and with checkpoint supervision on Sunday.  The Scouts cooked all of their meals and all managed to get fires going without matches.  

Good team effort.  Happy Birthday to Scott.

Big thank you to Richard and Chris from the Cubs section who gave their skills and time to the camp.


Some photographs taken using a cheap phone are on the Photo Album area of this site.


District Raft Race - September.

Some great picture to bring back memories in the Photo Album section of the site, thank you to Paul Cox for the photos.

The Scouts build then race a raft against other groups from the district at Wraysbury lake.


Remembrance Service

Thank you to all those who attended.  A good turnout and good behaviour.  Again people took the time to say to good words about you to Barry.


Fire Station Visit - November 15th

We were made very welcome by Blue Watch at Stations Fire Station.

We were given a briefing about fire satety and first aid.

We had a go unrolling and rolling hoses, we shown equipment on the truck and worn, and we tried to navigate through a smoke room.

Massively interesting, massive fun, an awesome evening. There are some pictures in the Photo Album section of this site.


Bivi Camp

A night out in shelters made by the Scouts, all cooking on an open fire. 

At the end of November!


Skiing - December

Real snow skiing, there are a few photos on the web site.  


Christmas Bowling

Bowling at Feltham as the end of year activity.