Review 2011


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Scouts Review of 2011


This page was copied from a web site produced by a Scout towards his IT badge.

No words were changed, slight reformatting.

This page gives the reader an overview of the Scout activities during 2011.

January :
February : Bivoac camp (delayed from 2010)
March : District night hike
April : District shooting competition,
May : Canal boat camp, St George's Day camp (delayed due to Easter)
June : Film making
July : Scoutabout
August : No meetings
September : Raft race.
October :
November : Fireworks, Rememberance parade, district cross country
December : Bivoac camp, skiing and bowling

For the first half of the year we benifited from the help of Mark Smith from 1st Charlton.

The scouts hired a local pool with another troop to work towards their swimming badges.



You make your own shelters from ropes, plastic sheets and sticks.

Only one night.

We cooked on a wood fire. We used old tins for cooking, not proper pots and pans.

During 2011 there were 2 bivouac camps. The first was in February which was delayed from December 2010 as the site was frozen. The annual December event also took place.


This is an annual weekend camp.

We put up our own tents and the mess tents.

Each troop organises an activity, this year Laleham leaders built a monkey bridge.

We did the activities on Sunday these included air rifle shooting, golf!, canoeing and our monkey bridge.


Each year the scouts hire 2 canal boats for a weekend.

We went through lots of locks and 2 long tunnels. A fun packaged weekend, recommended.

We stayed up late and had lots of nice food.
scoutabout 2011

Scoutabout is a camp that happens every three years the last one was 2011. Laleham take part in Surrey Scoutabout. The scouts could take park in lots of activities including driving a car, canoeing, black hole cave, climbing wall, zip wire, assault course, crafts and air rifile shooting and at night there is a concert. It was a lot of fun and I would like to do the next one.

Pictures are of the 1st laleham tents and scouts waiting for the concert.



We met with lots of scouts from the area on a local common.

We were split into groups. In our groups we had to go to bases and complete challenges .o gain points.

There were prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, I did not get one.

We slept the rest of the night at the scout hut.


This is an annual event at Wraysbury.

We had to build a raft using empty water carriers and rope.

We paddled it around a small course, then back.

We do not win, we did get very wet.


The scouts spent a fun evening making advertisements and news pieces. These were recorded and edited together by professional cameraman.


Cricket, football, crab football


Fitness badge, swimming, communitee badge (not yet completed).